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What should I put in my hedgehog house?

Last Updated: 29th April, 2020

Hedgehogs will make their own nests from materialsinthe surrounding environment so the best thingtodo is ensure there are plenty of leaves near tothebox. You can also put bedding inside thebox to givethem a head start, such as leaves, straw orhay.

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Correspondingly, what should I put inside a hedgehog house?

Your hedgehog house needs to keep its feetdry.Perhaps cover your Hedgehog House in leaves and turf togiveit extra insulation. Your Hedgehogs will appreciateyouputting some bedding in for them, Straw, LeavesandHay are all recommended.

where should I put a hedgehog house? Your Hedgehog house looks excellent, youneedto place it tucked under a hedge, in a shrubbery or nearawall in a quiet, sheltered place.

Beside above, when should I put out my hedgehog house?

It's worth clearing out the hedgehog home,everyyear or two. You can do this in April, aftertheirhibernation but before hedgehogs starting producinghoglets.However, the ideal time is in October before they gointohibernation, and after most of the litters havebeenweaned.

Should you put food inside a hedgehog house?

Do's and Don'ts to protect hedgehogsinyour garden Do put out a bowl of dog food or meatycatfood around dusk. Do install, in a quietpartof the garden, a hedgehog house. Don't useslugpellets or other chemicals, they may poison hedgehogsandother animals.

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How do you attract hedgehogs to hedgehog houses?

To help you to attract hedgehogs into your garden, we'veputtogether some great tips and ideas.
  1. Make sure they have access.
  2. Leave areas of your garden wild.
  3. Hedgehog homes.
  4. Provide hedgehogs with food and water.
  5. Avoid using slug pellets and other chemicals.
  6. Make ponds safe.
  7. Check long grass before mowing.

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Do cats kill hedgehogs?

Dogs can and sometimes do attackhedgehogs.Cats are less of a threat as they willusually leavehedgehogs alone after investigatingthem.

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What bedding do hedgehogs need?

Does my pet hedgehog need beddingmaterialin his cage? Shredded paper, newspaper orrecycledpelleted/absorbable material or wood shavings (such asaspen orpine) make fine bedding. Avoid corncobs, dustyshavings orcedar shavings, as they can be irritating.

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Where do I put my hedgehog food?

Feeding hedgehogs
Leave out foods like tinned dog orcatfood (not fish-based) and crushed dog or catbiscuits.Specialist hedgehog food is also recommended andcan bebought from wildlife food suppliers. Neverfeedhedgehogs milk as it can cause diarrhoea; insteadprovideplain, fresh water in a shallow bowl.

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How do you attract hedgehogs but not rats?

Tricks on how to feed hedgehogs without attractingotherrodents:
  1. Place your feeder into a more open area – rats don'tlikeopen spaces.
  2. If you have a hedgehog home, place the food right next tothehome so the hedgehogs can eat it right away giving no chancetorats to eat it.

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How often should you change hedgehog bedding?

This is usually easier when thehedgehogsprefer a certain spot to relieve themselves,though. Typically it'ssuggested to spot clean daily (take out theobviously dirty partsof bedding), then do a full cagecleaning &bedding change at least once aweek.

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Do hedgehogs bite?

Hedgehogs have fairly small teeth designedtocrunch insects. They do not have the typical rodentincisorsor the large carnivore canines. The typical bitewon't feelgood but won't cause excruciating pain either. Fingerbitestypically hurt less than a bite to your softerskin betweenfingers or an arm.

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How much bedding does a hedgehog need?

Put enough in the cage
It's important that you put down enoughbeddingto make sure it does its job. Having enoughbedding is alsovery important if you want yourhedgehog to be comfortablewhen walking around in its cage.The ideal range of thicknessyou'll want to aim for us 2-3inches.

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Can you use hay for hedgehog bedding?

A: It's not absolutely necessary, as the hogswilldrag in their own bedding as required, howeverit's nice toknow that you've given them a start. Q: Why ishaymore suitable than straw for use as hedgehogbedding?A: Hay is made from soft grass, which the hogswillnatuarally collect for bedding.

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Are dried mealworms bad for hedgehogs?

But mealworms can actually cause a painfulbonedisease in hedgehogs and, in worst case scenarios,result inthem losing their ability to walk. The high phosphatelevels intheses worms are sapping hedgehogs of calcium andreducingthe strength of their bones.

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Can hedgehogs climb?

Hedgehogs are good swimmers and can,tosome extent, climb.

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Are female hedgehogs bigger than males?

Males are usually bigger than femalesbutthese differences are masked by variations between individualsinterms of their age, or by seasonal effects.

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Do Hedgehogs hibernate alone?

Hedgehogs hibernate alone from November toAprilunder a supporting structure such as a shed, wood piles,brambles,open compost bags or bonfire heaps. They may, however,emerge toforage at night during warm winter spells. Byautumn,hedgehogs have dramatically put on weight inpreparation fortheir hibernation.

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How far do hedgehogs roam at night?

On average, they are around 10—20hectaresin size. Hedgehogs can roam an averagedistance of2km on a single night. Malehedgehogs in the breedingseason can cover up to 3kmin one night in theirsearch of females!

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How do you take care of a wild hedgehog?

Keep the box in a quiet, warm place: a hot waterbottlefilled with hot tap water wrapped in a towel can provide agentleheat source – make sure it doesn't go cold! You canprovidesome fresh water and meaty cat or dog food, but don't try tofeedthe hedgehog directly.

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How big should the hole be in a hedgehog house?

Make sure the opening is at least 10cm (4 inches)square.Use a saw to cut a hole (11cm x 15cm if you're usingoursuggested timber sizes) out of one side of the box closetothe base.

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How big should a hedgehog hole be?

Hedgehog holes A 13cm (5 inches)squarehedgehog hole is essential for creatinghedgehoghighways between gardens.

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What bedding is bad for hedgehogs?

Wood Bedding OptionsforHedgehogs
Pine Shavings - This wood shaving is a classic smallpetbedding but is not good for most small pets. Thewoodshavings aren't very absorbent and there is some discussionthat thepine oils can cause health problems in yourhedgehog and evencut up their tiny, delicatefeet.

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Which direction should a hedgehog house face?

When you have made a hedgehog house, place it inaquiet part of your garden, preferably against a bank, wall orfenceand hope that you will have a visit from a friend seeking ahome.Make sure the entrance to the house does notfaceNorth or North East, thus avoiding the coldwinterwinds.