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What size tablecloth do I need for a 30 inch round table?

Last Updated: 18th January, 2020

This means a 120 inch round tablecloth will cover a 60 inch round table and drop 30 inches off the table, or all the way to the floor (on a standard height table). Standard sizes for common round tablecloths: 30 inch round table: Seats 2-3 People: 64 inch cloth (17 inch drop)

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Besides, what size round tablecloth do I need?

The resulting dimensions — 60 x 90 inches — is the tablecloth size you should purchase. For a round table, measure the diameter of your table and add twice the desired drop. For example a 60-inch round table with a 15-inch drop would require a 90-inch round tablecloth.

Beside above, what size tablecloth do I need for a 5 foot round table? 60 inches (5ft) is a standard table size for round banquet hall tables. Using a round table that is 60 inch wide and 30 inch tall, the tablecloth size is as follows: Click for 90 inch Round Tablecloth: 1/2 Drape will be half-way to the floor.

Beside this, what size tablecloth do I need for a 60 inch round table?

Standard sizes for common round tables: 48 inch round table: 72 inch cloth (12 inch drop) 60 inch round table: 90 inch cloth (15 inch drop)

What size tablecloth do I need for a 6 foot table?

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Table Size Mid Length Floor Length
48" Round (seats 6) 90" Round 108" Round
60" Round (seats 8) 90" Round 108" Round 72" x 72" 120" Round
72" Round (seats 10) 108" Round 132" Round
30" Square 60" x 60" 72" x 72"

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How big is a rectangular table that seats 8?

Square Dining
People 2 Minimum Size N/A Ideal Size 2'6" (76cm)
4 3' (92cm) 3'6" (107cm)
8 6' (183cm) 7' (214cm)

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How wide is a 6 foot rectangular table?

6 ft or 72 inch rectangular tables - 90 inch x 132 inch rectangle tablecloths or 6 ft rectangular spandex table covers.

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How do you measure the size of a table?

1) Find your table measurements:
  1. Measure the width and length of your table (or the diameter if it is round).
  2. Note: The width is the shortest side, the length is the longest side.
  3. Determine the desired "drop". This is how much fabric you would like to drape over the edge of the table (down towards the floor).

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What color tablecloth should I use?

When decision of the material is made, think of the color of your tablecloth and other table linen pieces. Should you like more formal look, choose plain white, off white or ivory table linen. If you'd like to go with color, choose a set that goes with the décor of your place but doesn't overwhelm it.

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Can you seat 10 at a 60 inch round table?

The 60 inch, or 150 centimeter, round banquet table, seating 8 or 10 people, is possibly the worst invention in the history of the hospitality industry. If you're having roundtable discussions, on the other hand, a 60” or 72” round table is great.

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How many chairs fit around a 60 inch round table?

Seating Planner
Seating Capacity for Tables
Table Size Number of People
72 inch Round (6') Seats 10 – 12 Adults
60 inch Round (5') Seats 8 – 10 Adults
48 inch Round (4') Seats 6 – 8 Adults

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Can you put a square tablecloth on a round table?

If you have a round table, you can definitely use a round tablecloth, but it is also completely possible to use a square tablecloth on a round table as long as you get the measurements right. To ensure you get the right tablecloth size, measure through the center point of your table to get the diameter.

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How much space do you need for a 60 inch round table?

To compensate for chairs, round tables should be set 54 inches apart, and rectangle tables should be set 60 inches apart.

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What size should an overlay be for a 60 round table?

For a nice formal look on a 60round table, choose a 120” round tablecloth and a 72” square overlay.

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What is a table throw?

Table Covers / Throws (Fitted and Loose) This is a standard table throw (full color). It's available in various sizes – 4ft, 6ft, 8 ft and more. Regular table throws (sometimes just called table covers) are standard table covers.



What size is a sweetheart table?

Becoming more popular is the 'sweetheart' table, where it is a small round 4'-diameter table seating just the bride and groom.

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Is it cheaper to rent or buy table linens?

Buying Table Linens is a Cheaper Option. There really is no comparison: buying your table linens is a much cheaper option than party rentals. Renting your tablecloths, chair covers, and table runners costs an average of 50%-100% more than buying your table linens from LinenTablecloth.

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What are the dimensions of a 6 foot rectangular table?

Rectangular Tables Tablecloth size
60" x 120"
Table size standard 30" height 4 ft Too large
6 ft Long side: about 15" drop Short side: about 24" drop
8 ft Long side: about 15" drop Short side: about 12" drop