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What temperature should I set my air conditioner in summer in Arizona?

Last Updated: 17th January, 2020

The vast majority of people who live aroundPhoenix prefer to set the temperature of about 60 or70 degrees. However, if you would like to save money on theexpenses of the energy consumption of the airconditioner, you can dare to set thermostat 75 or 80degrees.

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Also question is, what temp should you set your AC when away?

Essentially, if you set your temperature 5-10degrees closer to the outside temperature, coolingyour home back down to your ideal temperaturewon't take as much energy.

Furthermore, what temperature should I keep my vacant house in summer? No, according to energy experts. The DOE recommendsadjusting your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees when you'releaving for several hours. (Also, for maximum savings, yourthermostat should be set to 78 degrees in the summer and 68degrees in the winter when you're at home.)

Also to know, what temperature should I keep my vacant house in the summer in Arizona?

During the summer when no one is living there, isit better to leave the air conditioning set at 85degrees, or should I turn it off completely? The daytimetemperature can reach 110 degrees, but I'd like to save onelectricity. A Commonly, it's best to leave the airconditioning on in Arizona homes.

How long should it take for AC to cool house?

A properly functioning central A/C unit should be ableto cool a moderate, four-bedroom home by 10 degreesFahrenheit in three hours. Although the cooling power of your A/Calso depends on the power, size, and age of your unit, your homeshould be noticeable cooler within a few hours.

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Is 72 a good temperature for air conditioning?

The Ideal Summer Thermostat Setting
For most people, the normal comfort zonetemperature sits around 72-73 degrees—but anair conditioner isn't a highly scientific machine. And ifyou spend the day outside in the summer heat, a hometemperature of 78 degrees will feel a lot better, bycomparison.

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Is 78 too hot for a house?

If 78 degrees is too hot for you and yourfamily, you'll need to play around a little with the indoortemperature until you get it just right. Therefore, if the outsidetemperature is over 100, a setting of 82 degrees begins to feelreally good!

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Is it better to leave AC on auto or on?

Setting Your HVAC Fan to“AUTO
This option is much more cost effective, because youare using less energy. The fan's “AUTO” settingworks with your heating + cooling system, so your fan is runningthe least amount of time needed, at the slowest speed. Your furnacefilter will last longer. Betterdehumidification.

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Should AC fan be on auto or on?

The fan setting controls your AC's blower;A fan inside your system that helps distribute airthroughout your home. AUTO means the fan turns on“automatically” ONLY when your system is heating orcooling your air. ON means the fan is CONSTANTLY blowing,even when your system isn't working to heat or cool theair.

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How can I reduce my AC bill?

Top 5 tips to reduce your air conditioning bill thissummer
  1. Turn off at night, and save while you sleep. This money-savingtip is as clear as night and day!
  2. Thermostats and timers - set and save.
  3. Get shady and shut out the sun.
  4. Turn off those heat-emitting culprits.
  5. Keeping it clean to keep costs down.

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How many hours should AC run per day?

On a normal summer day, you can expect yourair conditioner to run somewhere around 15 minutesduring every cooling cycle. But if your cooling cycles are lasting30 minutes, an hour or all day long, there's a goodchance that something is amiss with your system.

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Is it better to leave AC at one temperature?

Fans don't necessarily cool a room, but they move airacross your skin, making you feel comfortable at a highertemperature. However, because it doesn't reduce thetemperature of a room, it's a waste of energy toleave a ceiling fan on in the hopes that it will keepyour house cooler while you're gone.

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Is it better to keep your AC at a constant temperature?

Fluctuating to accommodate for a constanttemperature is far more taxing on an air conditionerthan when it's working at full capacity. Air conditioners work bestwhen they are operating in full gear. Leaving the airconditioner on throughout the day is also more damagingto your system.

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What is a good temperature to set your AC on?

The Best Temperature Settings When You're atHome
To stay comfortable and save money this summer,the U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting yourthermostat to 78F (26C) when you are home. Setting your airconditioner to this level will allow you to stay cool and avoidan unusually high electricity bill.

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What should your thermostat be set at night?

And don't be afraid to drop your thermostat even lower atnight – even in winter.
  • If you're at home in the daytime, 72° F (22° C) is agood start, but aim for 68° F (20° C).
  • If you're not at home in the daytime, or you're asleep atnight, we feel 66° F (19° C) to 62° F (17° C) isbest.

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How long can I leave my house unoccupied?

Unoccupied home insurance covers you whenyour home is empty for longer than your standard policywill allow. You only normally get cover if your homeis empty for up to 60 days – and if anything happensoutside this period you won't be covered.

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Can you live in Phoenix without AC?

Humans can survive as long as there is food andwater in any hot spot on earth. But they will diewithout a source of heat in cold climates. Phoenixmay not be pleasant without ac, but it hardly is notlivable.

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What is a good temperature to set the thermostat in the summer?

What should you set your thermostat at inthe winter? For winter, the ideal thermostat temperature is68 degrees Fahrenheit when you're at home. suggestssetting the thermostat to this suggested temperatureat home while you're awake and lowering it while you're asleep oraway.

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Is it safe to leave air conditioner on when not home?

But is it safe to leave air conditioner on allday? Running your air conditioner all day is generallysafe, as in, it probably won't cause a fire or otherdisaster in your home. Many modern units have programmablethermostats, so you don't have to choose between turning the A/Coff or leaving it on at one temperature.

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What temperature do pipes freeze?

As a general rule, temperatures outside must dropto at least 20 degrees or lower to cause pipes tofreeze. In northern climates, where the temperaturesregularly fall below freezing, modern homes tend to be wellinsulated and water pipes are located on the inner parts ofthe house for extra protection.

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Is it better to turn heat off when not home?

If you are not careful, turning down yourheat can actually cost you money. Some studies have foundthat some people who constantly adjust their heat actuallyuse more energy than those who leave their thermostat alone. Yourfurnace should run at a longer, but fewer intervals to save onheating energy.

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What temperature should an unoccupied house be kept at?

You should set the temperature around 50to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (℉). Most of the time, dropping thethermostat to 50 °F to save some heating bill is fine. Youdon't need to set your thermostat too high if your plumbing runswithin the interior walls. You should have no issues byleaving the thermostat at 50 °F.

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How cold is too cold in a house?

Baby it's cold inside! When winter comes along,the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends indoor temperaturesof at least 64 degrees F, and raises that to 70 degrees forhouseholds which include infants, elderly members, or frailindividuals.

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What temperature should you leave your air conditioner on while on vacation?

Usually a setting it around 83-86 degreesis good. This should run your air conditioner enoughto remove excess humidity and keep other parts ofyour home safe. If you use a programmablethermostat, look for avacation”,“hold” or “away” function.