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What type of pool liners are there?

Last Updated: 3rd June, 2020

Understanding the Different Types of Pool Liners - TMC Custom Pools
  • Overlap Liners. Overlap liners are among the most popular types of liners that are used in today's pools.
  • Beaded Pool Liners. Another type of liner that you may want to consider for your pool is a beaded pool liner.
  • J-Hook Liners.

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Just so, what kind of pool liners are there?

There are three main types of vinyl liners for above ground pools: Overlap, Beaded and Unibead.

what is a beaded swimming pool liner? Beaded pool liners feature a small groove that runs along the top edge or lip of the liner's top edge. During installation, that groove will snap into a track, also known as a bead receiver, along the top inside edge of the pool wall.

Similarly, it is asked, what type of pool liner is best?

I recommend using unibead liners for a couple of reasons. Tile prints make the pool look better and more like a traditional in-ground pool. Unibead liners only hang about an inch over the wall so you can't see the liner from the outside of the pool's wall which also looks better.

Is a thicker pool liner better?

The thicker a liner is, the higher the cost tends to be. Thicker liners offer a little added puncture/tear protection. Thinner liners have greater elasticity and can therefore provider a better fit in many cases. Thicker liners are more challenging to install properly.

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How long do vinyl pool liners last?

Vinyl pool liners typically come with warranties of 20-30 years, which can be misleading, because this is not the typical lifespan of an average pool liner. In most cases, you can expect inground pool liners to last between 6-12 years, and above ground pool liners to last 6-10 years.

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Is 25 gauge pool liner good?

A 20 gauge vinyl swimming pool liner is thinner than a 25 gauge liner. If you have an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool that sees heavy use it's often better to go with a thicker vinyl pool liner. Both 20 gauge and 25 gauge vinyl pool liners are typically made with double-weld seams to enhance durability.

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What do you put under an above ground pool?

Sand Pad. Sand spread out on your pool site is a traditional method of installing an above ground pool. Just like commercial pads, you can use the sand alone or place it on top of concrete. However, you should note that sand might make your pool to be unstable when on top of concrete.

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Which is better beaded or overlap pool liner?

The difference between a “beaded” style liner, and an “overlap” style liner is the way the liner is held in place at the top of the swimming pool. Beaded aboveground pool liners have a very small groove or lip at the top edge of the liner.

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How do you know if your pool liner is bad?

If your liner is fading, especially above the waterline, this is an indication that the liner is failing. Eventually the liner will tear in these areas and often this will happen suddenly when adding water to the pool or trying to stretch the liner back into the coping track if it has slipped out.

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What is the difference between beaded and Unibead pool liners?

The main difference between these liners is how they are installed and attached to the pool wall. Using a bead receiver that hangs over the top of an above ground pool wall, the Beaded pool liner simply snaps into the receiver giving you an even and consistent look.

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Can you put a new pool liner over an old one?

It is not a good idea to leave the old pool liner in your above ground swimming pool when replacing the liner. Installing a pool liner also requires you to redo or re-groom the bottom of the pool base before installation. All the more reason to just throw the old one out and start fresh.

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What does a beaded pool liner look like?

Beaded liners have a groove called the bead receiver that goes around the liner's top edge. The bead receiver is snapped into a track at the top of the pool wall and runs completely around the inside of the pool.

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Does pool liner thickness matter?

Does Vinyl Liner Thickness Matter? In short, yes. The thicker the vinyl liner, the longer it can typically be expected to last. Vinyl liners come in a variety of thicknesses, usually 20, 27, 28, or 30 mils thick.

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How much does it cost to replace a pool liner?

Pool Liner Replacement Cost
Inground pool liner replacement costs $3,000 to $4,000 on average with prices ranging between $1,400 and $4,800 for materials and labor. Above ground swimming pool liner replacement runs between $350 and $1,600 with most spending $700 on average.

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What is the thickest gauge pool liner?

How To Compare Liner Units - MIL vs Gauge
  • 20 units - A 20 Gauge liner is 0.0185 inches thick. A 20 MIL liner is 0.0205 inches thick or approximately 11% thicker than a 20 Gauge liner.
  • 25 units - A 25 Gauge liner is 0.0223 inches thick.
  • 30 units - A 30 Gauge liner is 0.0260 inches thick.

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How much overlap should be on a pool liner?

It should overlap about 2 inches if you wall is 52 inches and about 6 inches if your pool wall is 48 inches. Put a pool coping strip on the wall to secure that piece into position. You may also wish to use duct tape on the outside of the pool wall every few inches to hold the liner securely in place.

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How does an overlap pool liner work?

An overlap liner is installed by overlapping it over the pool wall and placing coping strips over the liner and the wall to hold it in place. If you are replacing an old liner, remove the top track stabilizers prior to overlapping the liner on the wall.

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How does a pool liner attached?

Beaded liners have a bead built into the top of the liner that serves as the attachment. The bead goes into a bead receiver. Bead receivers are first installed at the top of a pool wall during installation and then the bead (standard) snaps into this bead receiver. These liners have a bead that is shaped like a hook.

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What is J hook pool liner?

BEAUTIFUL UNI-BEAD (J-HOOK) POOL LINERS EASILY INSTALL ON BOTH OVERLAP AND BEADED TYPE ABOVE GROUND POOL WALLS! A uni-bead pool liner's J-hook slips over the top of your pool wall and allows the pool liner to hang straight and securely into your above ground pool.

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What is a good size pool for a family?

It's recommended having a depth fewer than six feet to meet most pool needs. For a family of six to eight people, an 18 foot by 36-foot pool is recommended. This should be sufficient to avoid crowding and allow for the playing of games. Rectangle shaped pools look best for this size.

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How do you get wrinkles out of pool liner?

Let your pool Heat up – Liners often develop wrinkles in cold water. These colder temperatures cause the liner to harden forcing it to wrinkle. Before Trying anything, consider heating the water up to 90 degrees or warmer so that the liner softens. Then try working out the wrinkles with your feet or plunger.