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What was the Treasury in Petra used for?

Last Updated: 11th March, 2020

The purpose of the Treasury is unclear: some archaeologists believed it to be a temple, while others thought it was a place to store documents. However, the most recent excavation here has unearthed a graveyard beneath the Treasury.

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Similarly, how old is the Treasury in Petra?

The Treasury (Al Khazna) Although the original function is still a mystery, The Treasury was probably constructed in the 1st century BC, However, in reality the urn represented a memorial for royalty. The Treasury consists of two floors with a width of 25.30 meters and a height of 39.1 meters.

what is the Treasury in Jordan? ?????‎; "The Treasury") is one of the most elaborate temples in Petra, a city of the Nabatean Kingdom inhabited by the Arabs in ancient times. It became to be known as "Al-Khazneh", or The Treasury, in the early 19th century by the area's Bedouins as they had believed it contained treasures.

In respect to this, what is inside the Treasury at Petra?

Petra is a stunning collection of tombs, temples and ancient living spaces of the Nabatean civilisation. Some main archeological sites inside the city are the Treasury – the tomb of a Nabatean king, the Monastery – an isolated mountain temple, a theatre, government buildings and dwelling for regular people.

How was Petra Treasury built?

Camels in the doorway of the Treasury at Petra, Jordan, shows the enormity of the ancient building's entrance. Carved into the sandstone hill by the Nabataeans in the second century A.D., this towering structure likely began as a temple.

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Why is Petra called the Lost City?

Petra is Smetimes Called the 'Lost City'
It was rediscovered in 1812 by the Swiss traveler, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, who tricked his way into the fiercely guarded site by pretending to be an Arab from India wishing to make a sacrifice at the tomb of the Prophet Aaron.

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Can you go inside the Treasury at Petra?

Unfortunately, you cannot go inside Petra Treasury anymore like Harrison Ford did in Indiana Jones.

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Why is Petra famous?

Famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system, Petra is also called the 'Rose City' because of the colour of the stone from which it is carved. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. Petra is a symbol of Jordan, as well as Jordan's most-visited tourist attraction.

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Who really built Petra?

Petra was built by the Nabateans in what is now southern Jordan, while the civilization was amassing great wealth trading with its Greek and Persian contemporaries around 150BC.

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Is Petra a wonder of the world?

The ancient city of Petra in Jordan became one of the 7 New Wonders of the World when it was chosen in 2007 by a vote of 100 million people. The city's carved rose-red sandstone rock facades, tombs, and temples became known around the world with its appearance in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade in 1989.

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Why was Petra built?

Water Harvesting. As desert dwellers, the Nabateans had long struggled during seasons in which rainfall in the region was limited. When the tribe built Petra, though, they developed a unique system of conduits, dams and cisterns to harvest, store and distribute rainwater for year-round use.

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Who carved Petra?


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How long did it take to build Petra?

After that, the Nabataeans settled in the area around the 6th century BC. The Nabataeans were known for their organized trades in which over 500 years they used their wealth to built the famous Petra.

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Can you go into the Treasury at Petra?

The Treasury – The Most Famous Landmark of Petra
However, no treasure has ever been found there. These days, the official info is that Bedouins are the only one who is allowed to live on the site.

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How far do you have to walk to Petra?

The walk from the entrance of Petra to the Treasury (the iconic facade that is the highlight on a visit to Petra), is 2km long, or just over one mile. If you walk fast, you can get to the Treasury in 20 minutes. If you slow down, enjoy the views, and take lots of photos, it can take at least 30 minutes.

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What's inside the lost city of Petra?

But what is inside the lost city of Petra has stunned the world. Many people believe Petra was built for the Gods (or Giants) as the doorways, archways, and buildings are extremely tall. The buildings of Petra are composed of stone that has been sculpted by hand out of the sandstone cliffs using chisels.

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Can you enter the buildings in Petra?

You can only enter Petra by buying tickets at the Petra visitors' centre in Wadi Musa, the closest town. Once you're at the site (2km from visitors' centre), you enter through a rocky passage with very high walls called the Siq – you can do this on foot, or on horseback (horses are hired from the visitor centre).

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How much is the entrance to Petra?

Entry ticket[edit]
Tourists (overnight and cruise visitors) pay 50 JOD (=70 USD) for 1 day's access to Petra, 55 JOD for 2 days or 60 JOD for 3 days. Students have to pay the full price, unless they have a valid Jordanian University ID; then the entry fee is 1 JOD.

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How far away is Petra from Jerusalem?

Using the Allenby/King Hussein crossing to get to Petra from Israel. This border crossing is located in the southern Jordan Valley and is some 57 km from Amman – and an hour away from Jerusalem, making it the most used crossing for many Petra visitors.

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Is Petra closed?

Both January and February can experience some rainy days, and it can even snow at the lost city of Petra. While not very likely, it's even possible, that Petra is closed for 1-3 days due to rain or snow.

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What statue is represented on the top of the Treasury?

Petra: Rock-cut façades. The rock-cut façades are the iconic monuments of Petra. Of these, the most famous is the so-called Treasury (or Khazneh), which appeared in the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, as the final resting place of the Holy Grail.

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How high is the Monastery in Petra?

Petra's most awe-inspiring monument is also one of the most taxing to reach. The Monastery (Ad-Dayr or Ad-Deir in Arabic) boasts a massive facade almost fifty metres square, carved from a chunk of mountain nearly an hour's climb northwest of the city centre, 220m above the elevation of the Qasr al-Bint.