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What words can you do on a calculator?

Last Updated: 1st March, 2020

Here are a few examples:
  • 376006 spells GOOGLE.
  • 707 spells LOL.
  • 0.08 spells BOO.
  • 53177187714 spells HILLBILLIES.
  • 500761 spells IGLOOS.
  • 38 spells BE, 338 spells BEE.
  • 55378 spells BLESS.
  • 0.208 spells BOZO.

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Just so, what words can you make on a calculator?

  • Calculator Words.
  • Do the following sums and then turn your calculator upside downto get the answer which is a word.
  • 1) 22032 ÷ 4.
  • 2) 57171 – 63.
  • 3) 83765 - 25687.
  • 4) 77.34 ÷ 100.
  • 5) (378 x10000) + 1637.
  • 6) 609 x 5.

Likewise, how do you write letters on a calculator? To access these letters, first press [ALPHA] andthen press the key. For example, because the letter O is ingreen above the [7] key, to enter this letter, press[ALPHA] and then press [7]. Because hunting for letters onthe calculator can be tedious, I tell you the exactkeystrokes needed to create them.

Beside this, what does 5318008 mean?

boobies. boobies is used in Puzzle. type into acalculator and hold upside down. The word 5318008 is used inPuzzle meaning boobies.

What is the longest word you can type on a calculator?

The secret is to turn the calculator upside downand write the words backwards. To find allcalculator words you can spell with Oðblgshezi wethink is the best tool for it. Oneof the longest calculator words you can create from thesesletters is THEOLOGIES, as well as ETHOLOGIES orSHIBBOLETH.

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What does 5318008 say upside down?

has the following definition + add your definition.boobies. boobies is used in Puzzle. type into a calculatorand hold upside down. The word 5318008 is used inPuzzle meaning boobies.

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How do you type on a TI 84 Plus?

Ti-84 Plus Graphing Calculator ForDummies, 2nd Edition
Press [MODE] and put the calculator in Function mode.keys to place the cursor on the item and then press [ENTER].Highlight FUNCTION in the fourth line to put the calculator inFunction mode. See the first screen.

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What is the meaning 80085?

80085 means "Boobs"

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What does 58008 mean?

58008 means "Boobs (upside down on a calculator)"So now you know - 58008 means "Boobs (upside down on acalculator)" - don't thank us. YW! What does 58008 mean?58008 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word thatis explained above where the 58008 definition isgiven.

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What does 01134 mean?

What does 01134 mean? hello, hullo, hi, howdy,how-do-you-do(noun) an expression ofgreeting.

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What number is M in the alphabet?

Letters in the alphabet:
Letter Number Letter
10 J
11 K
12 L
13 M

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How do you spell numbers in words?

Numbers and Words. The words for 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are: one, two, three, four, five,six, seven, eight, nine and ten. The words for 11, 12, 13,14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 are: eleven, twelve, thirteen,fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen andtwenty.

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How do you do factorial on a calculator?

Follow these steps to type a factorial in yourcalculator:
  1. Enter the number you would like to take the factorial of.
  2. Press the following keys to access the Math Probability menu.and press [4] to choose the factorial symbol (it looks like anexclamation point.)
  3. Press [ENTER] to evaluate the factorial.

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How do you make words on a graphing calculator?

To write text on the graph, follow these steps:
  1. Graph the functions, parametric equations, polar equations, orsequences.
  2. Press [2nd][PRGM][0] to select the Text option from the Drawmenu.
  3. Position the cursor on the screen at the spot where you want tostart writing text.
  4. Enter your text.

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How do you play games on your calculator?

Start the first program on your calculatorcalled Ion. Press "2nd" then "+," "2" and "7." Highlight each Ionfile and press "Enter" for each file. Download games, thentransfer the game files to your calculator using TIConnect.

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How do you put a comma in a TI 84?

Here is a picture of the keyboard. Thecomma is in the column of keys below the MODE button. Inthis column, the comma is between the sine function SIN andthe key for the number 7. To its left is the square (x^2) key andto its right is the left parenthesis (.

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How do you reset a TI 84 Plus?

With that disclaimer stated, here's how to resetit:
  1. Press 2nd MEM (that is the second function of the + key)
  2. Choose 7 (Reset)
  3. Scroll right so that ALL is selected.
  4. Press 1.
  5. Press 2 (Reset, and read the warnings)

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How do you program a TI 84?

  1. Turn on your TI-84 Plus CE and press the [PRGM] key.
  2. Name your program.
  3. Selecting a programming command from the Program Menu.
  4. Press the [PRGM] key.
  5. Type a greeting in double quotation marks.
  6. Your program is complete!
  7. To run the program:
  8. Your text message is displayed on the HOME screen.