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When the destroy methods of JSP are called?

Last Updated: 13th April, 2020

destroy() method is called bytheservlet container to indicate to a servlet that the servletisbeing taken out of service. This method isonlycalled once all threads within the servlet'sservicemethod have exited or after a timeout periodhaspassed.

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In this regard, which methods can be overridden in JSP?

You cannot override the_jspService()method within a JSP page. You canhowever,override the jspInit() and jspDestroy()methodswithin a JSP page. jspInit() can beuseful forallocating resources like database connections,networkconnections, and so forth for the JSPpage.

Secondly, what is JSP translation phase? Whenever we write in a JSP page, thatJSPpage will undergo the following phases:Translationphase: It is one which converts .jspprogram into .javaprogram internally by the container. Once thetranslationphase is completed the entire JSP programis availableinto a pure java program.

In this regard, what is the JSP service method?

_jspService() method is used to serve theraisedrequests by JSP.It takes request and response objectasparameters.This method cannot be overridden.JSPCleanup : In order to remove the JSP from use bythecontainer or to destroy method forservletsjspDestroy()method is used.

Which JSP life cycle is in correct order?

Explanation: Default value “true”depictsautomatic buffer flushing. 7. Which one is the correctorderof phases in JSP life cycle? Explanation: Thecorrectorder is Compilation, Initialization,Execution,Cleanup.

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What is jspInit method?

The jspInit() method ofthejavax.servlet.jsp. This method is invoked by thecontaineronly once when a JSP page is initialized. It can beoverridden by apage author to initialize resources such as databaseand networkconnections, and to allow a JSP page to readpersistentconfiguration data.

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Can we override JSP service method?

You can not overridethe_jspService() method within a JSP page.Youcan however, override the jspInit() andjspDestroy()methods within a JSP page. jspInit() maybeoverridden to perform some initialization task i.e.,allocatingresources like database connections, network connections,and soforth for the JSP page.

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What are implicit objects in JSP?

JSP - Implicit Objects.TheseObjects are the Java objects that theJSPContainer makes available to the developers in each pageand thedeveloper can call them directly without being explicitlydeclared.JSP Implicit Objects are also calledpre-definedvariables.

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Can we override destroy method in servlet?

We can override these two methods also.Theinit() method called by the container only once ,whentheservlet has been loaded into the memory. Youcanoverride the destroy method to release theresources.When we stopped our server the destroy methodwillcall by the container.

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Do we need to override service () method?

Since the routing takes place in service(),thereis no need to generally override service() in anHTTPservlet. Override the service() method (forgenericservlets) or the doGet() or doPost() methods(forHTTP servlets) to perform tasks needed to answertherequest.

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What language is used to write servlets and JSP?

Servlets are written in theJavalanguage. JSPs on the other hand useacombination of HTML and Java.

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Which tag is used for error handling in JSP pages?

Exception handling in JSP. JavaServerPages declares 9 implicit objects, theexceptionobject being one of them. It is an object ofjava.lang.Throwableclass, and is used to print exceptions.However, it can onlybe used in errorpages.

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How JSP is executed?

JSP Compilation
If the page has never been compiled, or iftheJSP has been modified since it was last compiled,theJSP engine compiles the page. When the JSPisconverted into an servlet, it has to be executed attheserver side to serve the request. JSP is aserver-sidetechnology built on Servlets.

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What is Servlet life cycle?

A servlet life cycle can be defined as theentireprocess from its creation till the destruction. The followingarethe paths followed by a servlet. The servletisinitialized by calling the init() method. The servletcallsservice() method to process a client's request.

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What are the advantages of JSP?

Java is more powerful, flexible, reliable andportablethan PHP. Regular HTML, that is static HTML, does notcontaindynamic information. So it does not react to user input andis alsonot fit for accessing server side resources. JSPcontainsboth static and non-static content.

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What are JSP lifecycle methods?

Initialization : jspInit() method is calledonlyonce during the life cycle immediately after thegenerationof Servlet instance from JSP. Request processing:_jspService() method is used to serve the raised requestsbyJSP.It takes request and response object asparameters.Thismethod cannot be overridden.

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What is JSP and its features?

Features of JSP. Java Server PagesorJSP technology allows us to combine the static HTML withtheJava code, which makes a webpage dynamic. Hence, a JSPpageconsists of two parts - Static content, comprising of regularHTML.Dynamic content, comprising of Java code.

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What are custom tags?

A custom tag is a user-defined JSPlanguageelement. When a JSP page containing a custom tagistranslated into a servlet, the tag is convertedtooperations on an object called a tag handler. JSPtagextensions lets you create new tags that you caninsertdirectly into a JavaServer Page.

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What are the events in JSP page?

The JSP Life Cycle Events
  • Summary of lifecycle events.
  • JSP page translation (validation, translation,compilationphases)
  • Load Class.
  • Instantiate.
  • jspInit method is called.
  • _jspService method is called.
  • jspDestroy method is called.
  • Important points to remember.

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What is the difference between servlet and JSP?

Servlet is html in java whereas JSP isjavain html. Servlets run faster compared toJSP.JSP is a webpage scripting language that cangeneratedynamic content while Servlets are Java programsthat arealready compiled which also creates dynamic web content. InMVC,jsp acts as a view and servlet acts asacontroller.

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What is JSP code?

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology thathelpssoftware developers create dynamically generated web pagesbased onHTML, XML, or other document types. Released in 1999 bySunMicrosystems, JSP is similar to PHP and ASP, but it usestheJava programming language.

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What are JSP elements?

There are three types of JSP elements you canuse:directive, action, and scripting. A new construct addedinJSP 2.0 is an Expression Language (EL) expression;let'scall this a forth element type, even though it's abitdifferent than the other three.

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What is scripting elements in JSP?

JSP Scripting Elements. JSPscriptingallows you to insert Java code into Java Servletgenerated fromJSP page. These are the scriptingelements: comment,expression, scriptlet, declaration andexpressionlanguage.

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Which syntax is used to comment JSP?

Create a jsp page that begins with the<%codefragment%> scriptlet. It can contain any number of JAVAlanguagestatements, variable or method declarations, or expressionsthatare valid in the page scripting language. Keep any html tags inthepage outside the scriptlet. Add JSP comment usingthe<%-- --%> tags.