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When was Jonas Brothers first album?

Last Updated: 5th January, 2020

It's About Time (Jonas Brothers album)
It's About Time
Released August 8, 2006 (US) 2012 (Re-release)
Recorded July-August 2005 (other songs plus omitted songs) April 2006(Year 3000, What I Go To School For, Please Be Mine)
Length 35:54
Label Columbia INO Daylight

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People also ask, when was Jonas Brothers last album?

Happiness Begins 2019

Similarly, what was the Jonas Brothers 7th album? Studio albums

Title Album details Peak chart positions
It's About Time Released: August 8, 2006 Formats: CD, digital download Label:Columbia
Jonas Brothers Released: August 7, 2007 Formats: CD, digital download Label:Hollywood 9
A Little Bit Longer Released: August 12, 2008 Formats: CD, digital download Label:Hollywood 19

Besides, when was the Jonas Brothers first hit?

Jonas Brothers (album)

Jonas Brothers
Released August 7, 2007
Recorded April 2006 (Year 3000) February – March 2007
Genre Pop punk
Length 42:49

Who originally wrote the song year 3000?

James Bourne Charlie Simpson Steve Robson

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Who is the best Jonas brother?

Kevin Jonas: 20 Reasons Why Kevin Is The BestJonas Brother.

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Which Jonas Brother is the best singer?

Why Joe Jonas Is My Favorite Jonas BrotherNow.

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Is there a 4th Jonas brother?

Personal life. Frankie is the son of Denise and PaulKevin Jonas Sr. and the younger brother of KevinJonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. Jonasis sometimes referred to as the "Bonus Jonas" and''Biff''.

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Is there a fourth Jonas brother?

Frankie Jonas, the younger brotherof Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas, has run into a bit of legaltrouble. Unlike his famous brothers, Jonas hasremained largely out of the spotlight, save for a fewappearances on Jonas L.A. and Camp Rock 2: The FinalJam.

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Why d the Jonas Brothers Break Up?

Nick Jonas has admitted that he was the one thatcaused the Jonas Brothers to split up in 2013. Nickmade the revelation while appearing on Carpool Karaoke with JamesCorden alongside his brothers Joe and Kevin.

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How much are the Jonas Brothers worth?

Joe's Celebrity Net Worth page puts hisworth at $18 million, but it's out of date. During theJonas Brothers hiatus, Joe became the frontman of a newband, DNCE.

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Can Kevin Jonas sing?

Kevin Jonas Can Sing Too!!!
Although Kevin Jonas doesn't really singany main parts in any of The Jonas Brother's songs thatdoesn't mean he can't actuallysing.

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Are the Jonas Brothers triplets?

Although they look fairly similar, the boys aren'tactually triplets. Kevin and Joe are two years apart, whileJoe and Nick have three years between them. They also have anotherbrother, 18-year-old Frankie who never featured as part ofhis siblings' group but is just as close to hisbrothers.

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What was the Jonas Brothers biggest hit?

“Sucker” is the biggest hit for theJonas Brothers since 2008. According to Nielsen Music datacited by Billboard, the song had 43.7 million streams in the U.S.alone in its first week of release and 88,000downloads.

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What is the most famous Jonas Brothers song?

Arguably the Jonas Brothers' most popularsong from their album, Jonas Brothers,“S.O.S.” is a catchy song ideal for playingloudly in your car with the windows rolled down in thesummertime.

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What year were the Jonas Brothers popular?

The Jonas Brothers are an American pop rock band.Formed in 2005, they gained popularity from theirappearances on the Disney Channel television network.

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What song made Jonas Brothers famous?

Performed by Jonas Brothers
Song title Songwriter(s) Album
"Before the Storm" (with Miley Cyrus) Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus Lines, Vines and Trying Times
"Black Keys" Nick Jonas Lines, Vines and Trying Times
"Bounce" Nick Jonas Non-album release
"Burnin' Up" Jonas Brothers A Little Bit Longer

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When did the year 3000 come out?


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What is the birth order of the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers band consist of threebrothers Kevin Jonas, Nicholas 'Nick' Jonasand Joseph 'Joe' Jonas. They were originally from WyckoffNew Jersey, where Kevin was born. Whilst Joe was born in Arizonaand Nick in Texas.

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Can the Jonas Brothers play guitar?

Kevin Jonas played lead and rhythm guitar,Joe Jonas played tambourine, guitar, and keyboard,and most impressively, Nick Jonas played rhythm, lead andbass guitar, drums, piano, and keyboard.

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Who is the oldest Jonas brother?

Kevin Jonas was born on November 5, 1987. At age31, he is the oldest of four brothers. If fans willremember correctly, the three men who make up The JonasBrothers have a significantly younger brother thateveryone once called the “BonusJonas.”

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What ethnicity are the Jonas Brothers?

Nick's father, who is from a Southern family, hasGerman, English, and Scottish ancestry. Nick's mother, whois from the New Jersey area, has Irish, Italian, andFrench-Canadian ancestry. The Jonas Brothers have alsostated that they have Cherokee Native Americanancestry.

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Are the Jonas Brothers related by blood?

The Jonas Brothers — Joe, Kevin and Nick— co-wrote Blood with journalist Neil Strauss, whofamously co-wrote The Dirt with Mötley Crüe. “We'rethree brothers from New Jersey, and we were not supposed tobe successful,” Joe Jonas said in astatement.

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Is Jonas Brothers Year 3000 a cover?

Jonas Brothers Recreating Year 3000 For A2019 Parody Somehow Makes Everything Feel Better. Back in 2006, theJonas Brothers did an unforgettable cover of 'Year3000', a song originally by British pop punk band, Busted.Everything about the JoBros music video is so gloriously of theera, and the cover still bangs.