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When was Spoon River Anthology published?

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April 1915

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Similarly, you may ask, when was Spoon River Anthology written?

Spoon River Anthology was originally published in serial form in Reedy's Mirror from May 29, 1914 until January 5, 1915. The poems were attributed initially to the pseudonym Webster Ford.

Subsequently, question is, where did Edgar Lee Masters die? Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, United States

Also Know, when did Edgar Lee Masters die?

March 5, 1950

How did Minerva Jones die?

He left me to my fate with Doctor Meyers; And I sank into death, growing numb from the feet up, Like one stepping deeper and deeper into a stream of ice. Minerva describes the dying process as a spreading paralysis from her "feet up / Like one stepping deeper and deeper into a stream of ice."

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Who wrote Spoon River?

Edgar Lee Masters

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What did Edgar Lee Masters write about?

Edgar Lee Masters was born in Garnett, Kansas, on August 23, 1868, but soon after his birth his family moved to Lewistown, Illinois, the town near Springfield where Masters grew up. During this time Masters considered writing a novel about the relationships of people in a small Illinois town.

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Where is Edgar Lee Masters from?

Garnett, Kansas, United States

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Where is Edgar Lee Masters buried?

Masters died at a nursing home on March 5, 1950, in Melrose Park, Pennsylvania, age 81. He is buried in Oakland cemetery in Petersburg, Illinois. His epitaph includes his poem, "To-morrow is My Birthday" from Toward the Gulf (1918):