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Where can you drop off USPS packages?

Last Updated: 26th May, 2020

If your packages have domesticshippinglabels, you can drop them off atUSPScollection locations without waiting in line. Ifthepackages fit, you may drop them off atbluecollection mailboxes and Post Office mail dropslots.Some Post Offices may also have a designated spot on thecounterfor prepaid packages.

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In this manner, can I drop off a USPS package at a UPS store?

Yes, but only if you are returning a packagewitha label stating at the top that packages may be given toUPSor the United States PostalService®(USPS). You may place thepackage in a personalmailbox or drop it off ata postal channel, includingthe local USPS.

Similarly, can you drop off packages at USPS on Sunday? If you live close enough to a postaldistributioncenter you can drop off there. No scanning fromUSPS onSundays anywhere I know of. FedEx and UPS shipping isthe onlyway to scan in on Sundays. I wish USPS wouldat leasthave someone emptying their drop boxes insidelocations onSundays.

Moreover, can I drop off USPS packages at Walgreens?

Now at Walgreens. Visit a Walgreensnearyou to pick up and drop off your FedExpackages— and stop worrying about packagesecurity. Visit aWalgreens near you to pick up and dropoff your FedExpackages — and stop worrying aboutpackagesecurity. The more you shop online, the morepackages youhave coming and going.

Can you drop off USPS at Office Depot?

There are blue collection boxes atbusylocations and you can drop off at Staples,OfficeMax/Office Depot, since they havedailypickups.

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Can I drop off a USPS package at FedEx?

Whether your customers choose to drop offtheirpackages at a local post office, postalcollectionbox, their own mailbox or at a FedExlocation —or choose to go to to request afree USPSpackage pickup at their home or business address— theyhave all public access points of the USPSat

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Can you drop off USPS at Staples?

The U.S. Postal Service will no longer beofferingits services at Staples stores across thecountry.Staples confirmed that its partnership withUSPSwould be ending, saying in a statement thatitscustomers would still have access to shippingservicesthrough its relationship with UPS.

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Can I put a prepaid USPS package in my mailbox?

Get to know and appreciate your PostOfficePeople, or find a small post office nearby anddo thesame. Yes, you are allowed to drop packages inthe bluemailboxes as long as you already paid forthe postage(i.e. bought postage through Amazon, PayPal,, etc.). Youcan if you print your postageon line.

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How big of a package can I put in a UPS drop box?

Drop off packages up to a maximum size of 16in.x13in. x 3in.

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Does UPS pickup for free?

We provide UPS On-Call Pickup freeofcharge for most services, domestic and international.UPSwill pick up all packages with a singlepickuprequest; you will not be charged pickup feesperpackage.

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Do FedEx and USPS work together?

The package was delivered to the U.S.PostalService for delivery. I was promised FedExservice butthe seller used FedEx SmartPost, which is anarrangementbetween FedEx and USPS. There is no exacttracking of yourpackage from FedEx. According toFedEx, once theygive the package to USPS, they arenotresponsible.

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Is UPS the same as USPS?

It is very easy to confuse UPS andUSPSbecause of their acronyms, but they are two differentcompanies.USPS, also known as the postal service orUS Mail,offers domestic mail delivery services. It is funded byitsdelivery services and the sale of postage stamps. UPS istheacronym for the United Parcel Service, Inc.

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How do I send a package by UPS?

Part 2 Sending Packages
  1. Make sure UPS delivers to your destination.
  2. Choose a domestic delivery service.
  3. Pick a delivery service for international shipments.
  4. Print out the shipping label.
  5. Attach your shipping information.
  6. Send out the package at home or at a UPS center.
  7. Track your shipment.

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Can you drop off ups at Walgreens?

FedEx. Pick up and drop off packages atastore near you. Get packages delivered to aplaceyou trust, right in your neighborhood, for safeandconvenient pickup. Have packages securely delivered toaWalgreens near you and pick up atyourconvenience.

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Does FedEx pickup?

FedEx Ground same-day pickup serviceisavailable in select areas (provided you request it beforethecut-off time in your area) for FedEx Ground andFedExHome Delivery® packages, excludingFedExGround return solutions. Select Schedule aPickup or call1.800.463.3339 and say "schedule apickup."

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Does Walgreens ship USPS?

Most are in Post Office lobbies and areavailablewhen the Post Office counter is closed. You can buystamps,weigh packages, and print Priority Mail®andPriority Mail Express® shipping labelsatkiosks. Bring packing tape and you can ship your itemsinour free boxes.

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Is Staples a FedEx drop off location?

Find FedEx Drop Box LocationsStaples, MN
FedEx Office provides reliable printing,packingand shipping services. FedEx Kinko's is nowFedExOffice. FedEx ShipSite locations provideaccess tothe FedEx shipping network at thousands ofindependentlyowned and operated pack-and-ship locationsacross theU.S.

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Can you buy forever stamps at Walgreens?

And here is a surprise, you can purchasestampsat Walgreens at the same rate your local post officeis selling.Walgreens sells postage stamps in booksof 20 and thestamps are called Forever stamps, whicharenon-denominational, which is to say the maintain their value iftheprice happens to go up in the future.

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Can I have a package delivered to a UPS store?

Yes, two ways. You can rent a mailbox atTheUPS Store of your choice and use the street address theretoreceive mail or packages of any type. It's like having aPOBox that's not at the Post Office. You can evenredirectyour package to an access point after afaileddelivery attempt to your address.

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How does FedEx hold at location work?

FedEx Hold for Pickup allows you torequestpackages to be held at a FedEx location. Youcan pickup packages on your schedule at locationsthat areconvenient to where you work or live. A secureFedExlocation will hold your package for up to 7days.

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Does FedEx deliver on Saturday?

FedEx Express will deliver all airproductson Saturday for an extra fee. FedExHomeDelivery (residential ground) delivers Tuesday-Saturday - Saturday delivery at no extracharge.FedEx Ground (business ground) and FedExFreight(less than truckload) do not deliveronSaturdays.

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How do I reroute a FedEx package?

Call FedEx at 800-463-3339 to request thecompanyreroute a package. You can have thepackagererouted to a different street address in the samecity, fromits place on hold at one FedEx location to anotheror fromhold at a FedEx location to a delivery.Identifyyourself.

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Does USPS operate on Sundays?

Yes. The Postal Service currentlydeliversPriority Mail Express and certain Amazon packagesonSundays. Due to increased package volume, we areexpandingthe types of packages that will be deliveredonSundays.

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How can I send a package cheap?

The cheapest way to shipheavyitems
The cheapest way to ship aheavypackage in the US is via one of our popular ParcelMonkeyGround Shipping Services, operated by FedEx. Fordomesticshipping, ground services provide the mostcost-effectiveoption for heavy items and are ideal for goods whicharen'tsuitable to fly.