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Where does Paul live in tangerine?

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We start out in Lake Windsor, the housingdevelopmentwhere Paul and his familylive.

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Similarly, where does the book tangerine take place?

This story takes place in Florida and littlebitin Houston, Texas. The places in Florida where ittakesplace are: Lake Windsor Downs, Lake Windsor MiddleSchool,Tangerine, Tangerine Middle School, and TomasCruzGroves. The year in which this story takes placeissomewhere in the 1990s.

Furthermore, what happened to Paul's eyes in tangerine? Paul lost his eyesight when his brother andafriend sprayed paint into his eyes. Paul wasalwaystold that he looked into an eclipse when he was little andthat washow he lost his much of his sight. This is kind of a cruelthing totell him, because it puts the blame on Paul, and nothisdelinquent brother.

Similarly one may ask, why do Paul and his family moved in tangerine?

The family's move to Florida, though intendedtobolster Erik's football, turned out to be a chanceforPaul to begin anew and mend his relationshipwithhis parents. He also got the opportunity toplaysoccer and nurture his skills, a chance that hewasdenied in the previous town due tohisvision.

What is Paul's nickname in tangerine?

The new nicknamethatPaul had at Tangerine Middle School was FisherMan.6.A small fight breaks out at soccer practice between VictorandTino.

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Why did Erik kill Luis in tangerine?

The head wound doesn't kill Luis rightaway.Luis had an aneurysm, which is a weakening in the wallof anartery; it causes the artery to stretch out, making itsusceptibleto bursting spontaneously or in response to an injury.Hewas hit on a Tuesday, and six days later, hewasdead.

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What is the main conflict of tangerine?

In the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor,theproblem in the story is that Paul Fisher, theyoungerbrother, seems to be the only one in his family whounderstands hisolder brother Erik's dark nature. Paul fears Erikand has glimpsesof memories about Erik hurting him.

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Is Tangerine a real place?

Tangerine, Florida. Tangerine isacensus-designated place (CDP) in Orange County,Florida,United States. The population was 2,865 at the 2010 census.It ispart of the Orlando–Kissimmee MetropolitanStatisticalArea.

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Who is Arthur in tangerine?

Arthur Bauer
Arthur is Erik's sidekick and partner incrime.When Erik first arrives in town, he was going nowhere fast onthefootball team. He saw an opportunity to ride in onErik'scoattails, and finally make a name for himself, so he madehimselfuseful to Erik.

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Who is Tino Cruz in tangerine?

Luis Cruz is Tino and Theresa'sbigbrother. He had dedicated his life to his belovedtangerinegroves, and loves sharing his passion for them withothers. That'swhat leads to his friendship with Paul. He is alsodedicated to hisfamily, though, and so when Erik hurts Tino,Luisimmediately confronts him about it.

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Why is the book tangerine called Tangerine?

It's actually got a triple meaning—that'sthreetimes the tangerine-y goodness! It refers to the nameof thecounty the Fishers move to inFlorida—TangerineCounty.

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What is the main idea of the book tangerine?

There is more than one theme in thisbook.One of the themes is that you should face yourfear andovercome it. That was one of the themes because Paulwasscared of his brother but overcame his fear. Anotherthemeis to be honest to your family members.

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What is Joey's relationship with Mike in tangerine?

Mike and Joey are brothers, and havearelationship that is a complete contrast to Erik andPaul.Mike is a role-model to his younger brother,showingcompassion and brotherly love, a natural foil to thesadisticErik.

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How old is Paul Fisher in the book tangerine?

Paul Fisher
The protagonist, is twelve years old andinseventh grade. He is considered to be legally blind. Heplayssoccer, mostly as goalie.

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What is the Erik Fisher football dream?

The "Erik Fisher Football Dream" is Paul'snamefor his older brother's plan to earn fame and a collegescholarshipby playing football. This theme is central toTangerine.Paul, the main character and narrator, is almost blindand isinitially the underdog of the situation.

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What is Mr Fisher's job in tangerine?

The Fisher family moved toTangerinebecause of Mr. Fisher's job. He's thechief civilengineer for Tangerine County. After Erik'sdownfall,Mr. Fisher distances himself fromErik.

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How did Paul Fisher get blind?

He is legally blind and wears very thickglasses.He has no peripheral vision. He believes that he wasblindedby looking into an eclipse of the sun. The truth isthat Erik spraypainted him in the eyes when Paul was four orfive yearsold.

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How much is Fisher worth?

Paul Fisher net worth: PaulFisheris an Australian music producer who has a networth of $4million. Paul Fisher was born in Australiain November 1986.His name is stylized FISHER.Fisher's musical genresinclude house and techhouse.

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How did little Louis lose his eyesight?

Louis lost his eyesight when he pickedupone of is father's tools, an awl, and it slipped fromhishands and went into his eye.His eye becameinfectedand then he lost his eyesight.

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Who spray painted Paul's eyes in tangerine?

Erik and Vincent spray-painted Paul'seyesbecause they believed that Paul was the one who gotVincentinto trouble.

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How many tented houses have been robbed of their valuables?

Twenty-five tented houses in Lake WindsorDownshave been robbed of their valuables.

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What is the Golden Dawn tangerine?

The "Golden Dawn" tangerine was anewvariety of tangerine developed by Luis. GoldenDawnswere "seedless, very juicy, and very resistant tocoldweather."

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What page did Mike Costello die?

In Tangerine, Mike Costello is killed byalightning strike while at football practice. He is intheend zone, touching the goal post when lightning

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Why doesn't Shandra put her picture in the newspaper when she makes the All County middle school soccer team?

Why doesn't Shandra put her picture in thenewspaperwhen she makes the All-County Middle School SoccerTeam?Antoine go to the Sports Commissioner and confesses thathe hasbeen lying about his address to play on Lake Windsorfootballteam.