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Which qualities are common in all three characters of the play the proposal?

Last Updated: 26th March, 2021

Which qualities are common in all three characters of the play 'The Proposal'? Answer: All the characters in the play are argumentative, full of pride and possessiveness. They are always ready to argue for petty things.

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Accordingly, which qualities are common in all three character of the play the proposal?

Answer: All the characters in the play are argumentative, full of pride and possessiveness. They are always ready to argue for petty things.

Likewise, what is the element that lomov is suffering from? Lomov is 35 years old. It is high time that he should settle for a quiet and regular life. He is suffering due to a weak heart and sleep-sickness. In need of a companion who may look after him, he wants to get married.

Then, what do you learn about Natalya from the play the proposal?

Answer:Natalya is a good house keeper and an educated girl with good looks. She is the lead female character of the play and the daughter of Chubukov. She is short tempered and a greedy natured girl. She has no such respect for Lomov till she came to know that he wants to marry her.

How does Natalya react when she comes to know that lomov had come to propose?

CBSE English. Lomov reacts saying that Chubukov calls his land his own. Then he wants to be talked to calmly and politely.

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What is the theme of the proposal?

Themes for this one act play by Chekhov that is a comedy or a satire, include making fun of romance and marriage. Chekhov examines the true nature of marriage, an institution of necessity in his time that did not necessarily need to include romance and love.

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What reason does lomov give for his decision?

Though Lomov was not in love with Natalya, he wanted to marry her because he was suffering due to a weak heart and sleep-sickness. He wanted a companion who could look after him.

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Why does lomov want to marry Natalia?

Lomov is concerned about his marriage because he is already thirty five and he is not healthy and fit enough. Apart from that, he wants to be settled and he suffers from anxiety and palpitations or strange fear. So he decided to marry Natalya because she will be a suitable wife for him who will take care of him.

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How is the proposal a great comedy?

A: 'The Proposal' is a great comedy. It is because of the characters and subject matter and how they behave. Natalya, Lomov and Chubukov fight over foolish things. All these create a lot of laughter.

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What does Natalya say about Guess?

Lomov states that his dog has become lame since its leg has been bitten by some other dog. Natalya points out that her dog Squeezer is better than Guess. She says that Guess is old, ugly and a worn out cab horse.

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What is the meaning of oxen Meadows?

Oxen Meadows: The oxen meadows are grasslands for the animals to graze. In the poem, the oxen meadows symbolize the various aspects of a relationship between a man and woman when they argue for the sake of arguing without any feelings in it.

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What is the purpose of lomov's visit?

Lvon Lomov was a land owner. He wanted to marry daughter, Natalya, of his neighbour chubuknov. So he dressed himself very finely and visited chubukov to propose Natalya.

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What are you talking about Oxen Meadows are ours not yours?

Oxen Meadows are ours, not yours! LOMOV : No, mine, honoured Natalya Stepanovna. I'm speaking of those Oxen Meadows which are wedged in between your birchwoods and the Burnt Marsh. NATALYA : Yes, yes… they're ours.

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Who is Chubukov?

Chubukov is one of three characters in the one act play"The Proposal" by Anton Chekhov. Chubukov is a caring, sensible father to both Natalya and his business. Like all business deals, he even looks for the lucrative aspects in Natalya's marriage. Her emotions do not matter to him.

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What was lomov's opinion about squeezer?

Lomov said that dogs like Squeezer can easily be found under any bushes. He says that at the time when other dogs ran behind the fox, Squeezer ran behind the sheep. Lomov was of the opinion that his dog, Guess was better than Squeezer.

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What kind of man is lomov?

Lomov was a quarrelsome person. He came to Chubukov's house to propose Natalya. But he started arguing about the meadows and insisted that those meadows belonged to him. Later he kept on proving that his dog Squeezer is better than 'Guess' – the dog of Chubukov's.

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What makes Chubukov misunderstand the purpose of lomov's visit?

Answer : Chubukov suspects from Lomov's hesitation and evening clothes, that he had come to ask for some money from him. He immediately resolves to not pay him but reacts politely. He pushes Lomov, who was nervous, to tell him the matter.

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Who is lomov?

Lomov was a young man of thirty five year old. He is a suspicious landowner. He comes to chubukov house because he wanted to propose the daughter of chubukov for marriage.

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Why does lomov leave the house?

Actually, Lomov leaves the house because Natalya demanded he get out because of the argument they had over the oxen meadows. This made both Lomov and Natalya angry, prompting Natalya to ask him to leave.

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How old were lomov and Natalya?

Natalya was 25 years old and the daughter of Chubukov. She was a good housekeeper, not bad to look at and educated; that was why Lomov wanted to marry her.

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Why does Natalya accuse lomov of being a land grabber?

Answer: Natalya accuse Lomov of being a land grabber because he argues with her that the Oxen Meadows were his which Natalya pretends to be her.

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Why did lomov go to Chubukov's reaction?

Explanation: Lomov comes to Chubukov's house to ask for his daughter, Natalya's hand in marriage. Being surprised at his sudden and unexpected visit, Chubukov pretends to be very polite to him as he thinks Lomov has come to borrow money from him.

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Why does Chubukov call it a burden to be the father of a grown up daughter?

Why does Chubukov call it 'a burden' to be the father of a grown up daughter? Chubukov has already driven Lomov out of his house. When he sees his daughter behaving frantically, he goes to call him back being an affectionate father. So he calls it a burden to be the father of a grown up daughter.