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Which shape is used for an NFPA 704 placard?

Last Updated: 20th January, 2020

A four section multicolor “square-on-point” (diamond/placard) is used to address the health, flammability, instability and special hazards presented by short-term, acute exposures that could occur during fires, spills or other similar emergencies.

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Similarly, you may ask, what is a 704 placard?

The NFPA 704 Diamond ("NFPA Diamond" or "fire diamond") is a standard placard that. identifies the level of chemical hazard at fixed locations, such as production facilities, warehouses, storage tanks, and storage sheds.

Also Know, what do NFPA 704 symbols tell you? NFPA 704 is a labeling system used to identify hazardous materials. It is published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). NFPA 704 is a supplemental labeling system specifically intended for emergency responders, though other people can read and benefit from these labels in normal working conditions.

Also, where are NFPA 704 placards required?

At a minimum the placard should be posted on the two exterior walls of a facility or building, each access to a room or area, or each principal means of access to an exterior storage area. Section 4.3 of NFPA 704 provides guidance on locations for posting.

What is the shape and size of a placard?

They meet design and durability regulations - placards must be printed in the square-on-point configuration measuring 250 mm on all sides and include a solid inner border that is approximately 12.7 mm from the edge of the placard. The hazard class number in the bottom corner of the placard must measure at least 41 mm.

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What is MSDS used for?

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that provides health and safety information about products, substances or chemicals that are classified as hazardous substances or dangerous goods.

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What does a blue NFPA label mean?

The National Fire Association (NFPA) has developed a color-coded number system called NFPA 704. The system uses a color-coded diamond with four quadrants in which numbers are used in the upper three quadrants to signal the degree of health hazard (blue), flammability hazard (red), and reactivity hazard (yellow).

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What does a yellow placard mean?

Yellow placards indicate the material is an oxidizer; Blue placards indicate the material is dangerous when wet; White placards indicate the material is an inhalation hazard and/or poison; Orange placards indicate the material is explosive; White placards with black stripes indicate miscellaneous hazardous materials.

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What does GHS stand for?

Globally Harmonized System

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What do the GHS pictograms mean?

Standard Pictogram. The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires pictograms on labels to alert users of the chemical hazards to which they may be exposed. Each pictogram consists of a symbol on a white background framed within a red border and represents a distinct hazard(s).

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Does GHS replace NFPA?

HMIS Labels vs OHSA HazCom Labels
However, it can be replaced by OHSA's new GHS label. OSHA's FAQ says that alternative labeling systems such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 704 Hazard Rating and the Hazardous Material Information System (HMIS) are permitted for workplace containers.

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What is on a warning placard?

Whenever large amounts of hazardous materials are being stored and used within SLAC, warning placards are required. These placards act as an immediate warning system for emergency service personnel, helping them identify the kinds of materials present and the dangers they pose1, 2.

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What is a HMIS label?

The Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) is a numerical hazard rating that incorporates the use of labels with color developed by the American Coatings Association as a compliance aid for the OSHA Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standard.

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Is the NFPA diamond still used?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) developed a hazard identification system for emergency responders that is still in use today. In the past some chemical manufacturers used NFPA diamonds on their products, but now labels are required to use GHS labeling. The white field is used to convey special hazards.

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What is a DOT placard?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates that Hazmat Placards be used when transporting hazardous materials and dangerous goods in the United States. These DOT Placards and Hazardous Materials Placards have numbers on them noting specific chemicals or groups of chemicals being transported.

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Are NFPA labels required by OSHA?

Yes, OSHA will continue to allow NFPA and/or HMIS rating systems on labels and SDSs as supplemental information. Or, employers can continue to use their current labeling system as long as all of the required information is immediately available to employees when they are in their work areas.

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What is the most severe NFPA hazard rating?

Number System: NFPA Rating and OSHA's Classification System 0-4 0-least hazardous 4-most hazardous 1-4 1-most severe hazard 4-least severe hazard • The Hazard category numbers are NOT required to be on labels but are required on SDSs in Section 2.

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How do you read NFPA labels?

How to Read the NFPA Diamond
  1. Red Section: Flammability. The red-colored section of the NFPA Diamond is located at the top or twelve o'clock position of the symbol and denotes a material's flammability and susceptibility to catching fire when exposed to heat.
  2. Yellow Section: Instability.
  3. Blue Section: Health Hazards.
  4. White Section: Special Precautions.

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What does 4 in the blue part of NFPA diamond stand for?

The NFPA 704 diamond sign used to display this information has four colored sections: blue, red, yellow, and white. Each section is used to identify a different category of potential hazard. The blue section of the NFPA color code symbolizes health hazards.

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What is the meaning of the symbol W with a line through it in the white box on the NFPA label?

If this is the case, then the numbers themselves must be colored coded. The fourth space at the 6 o'clock position is reserved for indicating unusual reactivity with water. It is designated by the letter “W” with a line through the center. No special color is associated with this symbol.

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What is OSHA Hazard Communication Standard?

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, also known as HazCom, HCS, 29 CFR 1910.1200, is a U.S. regulation that governs the evaluation and communication of hazards associated with chemicals in the workplace.

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What is NFPA rating system?

The NFPA hazard rating system refers to, in part, a safety standard put forth by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). This standard, NFPA 704, outlines a hazard rating system for emergency personnel. Within each colored section, a numerical rating is given to the hazard. The ratings range from 0 to 4.

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What does flammability mean?

Flammability is the ability of a chemical to burn or ignite, causing fire or combustion. The degree of difficulty required to cause the combustion of a chemical is quantified through fire testing.