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Who are the 10 richest people in the world?

Last Updated: 30th January, 2020

  • #1 Jeff Bezos. more.
  • #2 Bill Gates. more.
  • #3 Warren Buffett. more.
  • #4 Bernard Arnault & family. more.
  • #5 Carlos Slim Helu & family. more.
  • #6 Amancio Ortega. more.
  • #7 Larry Ellison. more.
  • #8 Mark Zuckerberg. more.

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Herein, who is the top 10 richest people in the world?

Here are the ten richest people around the globe,accordingto Forbes.

  • Jeff Bezos, $131bn.
  • Bill Gates, $96.5bn.
  • Warren Buffet, $82.5bn.
  • Bernard Arnault, $76bn.
  • Carlos Slim Helu, $64bn.
  • Amancio Ortega, $62.7bn.
  • Larry Ellison, $58bn.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, $62.3bn.

who is the richest man in the world 2019? The 20 richest people in the world in 2019

  • Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Larry Ellison. Net worth: $62.5 billion.
  • Amancio Ortega. Net worth: $62.7 billion.
  • Carlos Slim and family. Net worth: $64 billion.
  • Bernard Arnault and family. Net worth: $76 billion.
  • Warren Buffett. Net worth: $82.5 billion.
  • Bill Gates. Net worth: $96.5 billion.
  • Jeff Bezos and family. Net worth: $131 billion.

Also Know, who is No 1 richest person in the world?


No. Name Net worth (USD)
1 Jeff Bezos $131 billion
2 Bill Gates $96.5 billion
3 Warren Buffett $82.5 billion
4 Bernard Arnault $76 billion

Who is a trillionaire?

Let's just say it: there's a good chance thefirsttrillionaire will be Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. He hasafortune of more than $150bn, which means he has a $50bn headstartover the next richest man, Bill Gates, who's too busy givingawayhis money to catch up.

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How much money does Donald Trump have?

In its 2018 billionaires ranking, ForbesestimatedTrump's net worth at $3.1 billion (766th in theworld, 248thin the U.S.).

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How rich is the Queen?

According to Forbes, Queen Elizabeth II hadanestimated net worth of $530 million as of 2016. Forbes alsoreportsthe British monarchy "contributes nearly £1.8 billionto theUK economy" annually, including £550 millionintourism.

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Who is the richest Youtuber?

From controversial brothers to a toy-loving 7-year-oldboy,here is the list of highest-paid YouTubers, accordingtoForbes.
  • Jacksepticeye – $16 million.
  • VanossGaming – $17 million.
  • Markiplier – $17.5 million.
  • Jeffree Star – $18 million.
  • DanTDM – $18.5 million.
  • Jake Paul – $21.5 million.
  • Ryan ToysReview – $22 million.

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How much does Mark Zuckerberg make a day?

Mark Zuckerberg, who turns 34 today, has earnedanaverage of $6 million a day during his life.MarkZuckerberg is second only to the world's richest man,Amazon CEOJeff Bezos, when it comes to average earnings perdayof his life.

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Who is the richest woman in the world?

Here's how the world's five richest women currentlystackup, according to Forbes' real-time net worthprofiles:
  • Francoise Bettencourt Meyers— $56 billion.
  • Alice Walton— $50.2 billion.
  • Jacqueline Mars— $27.7 billion.
  • Yang Huiyan— $24 billion.
  • Susanne Klatten— $20.1 billion.

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Who is the richest family in the world?

Top 10 of the Wealthiest Families in the World
  • Walton Family - Walmart.
  • Mars Family - Mars.
  • Koch Brothers - Koch Industries.
  • Al Saud - Saudi Royal Family.
  • Wertheimer Family - Chanel.
  • Dumas Family - Hermès.
  • Van Damme, De Spoelberch and De Mevius Families -Anheuser-BuschInBev.
  • Boehringer, Von Baumbach Families - Boehringer Ingelheim.

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Where do the richest people live?

Where the wealthiest people in theworldlive is quickly changing. New York, Hong Kong, Londonand,yes, Dallas–Ft. Worth, Texas, have some of thelargestpopulations of wealthy people in theworld.

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Who is the No 1 rich person in India?

#1 Mukesh Ambani 1 / 10 RIL ChairmanMukeshAmbani has emerged as the richest Indian for the11thconsecutive year with a net worth of $47.3 billion, accordingtoForbes magazine.

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Who is the 2nd richest man in the world?

Net worth estimates are current as of January 16.
  • Bill Gates — $91.9 billion.
  • Warren Buffett — $90.1 billion.
  • Amancio Ortega — $75.8 billion.
  • Mark Zuckerberg — $72 billion.
  • Bernard Arnault — $68.7 billion.
  • Carlos Slim Helu and family — $67.6 billion.
  • Larry Ellison — $60.4 billion.
  • Larry Page — $52.2 billion. (Getty)

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Which is the richest country in the world?

From Bahrain to Qatar: These are the 25 richest countriesinthe world
  • The world is getting richer: The global economy expanded bymorethan 3 percent to $80.68 trillion in 2017. But that wealth isnotdistributed equally.
  • France. GNI per capita: $43,790.
  • Japan.
  • Finland.
  • Canada.
  • Australia.
  • Belgium.
  • Sweden.

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Who is the richest woman in America?

MacKenzie Bezos And The Other 55 Richest Women InAmerica2019
  • ALICE WALTON (No. 11)
  • JULIA KOCH (No. 13)
  • JUDY FAULKNER (No. 207)
  • MEG WHITMAN (No. 217)
  • LYNSI SNYDER (No. 225)

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How rich is Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos is the richest person on theplanet.Worth an estimated $121 billion, the Amazon CEO is$16billion richer than the next-richest person,BillGates.

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How much money does Bill Gates make?

Bill Gates: He earned $11.5 billion thisyearwhich works out to be ~$33.3 million per day; $1.38 millionperhour; or ~$23,148 per minute.

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Who is richest person in USA?

Forbes 400: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and WarrenBuffettremain the richest people in the US. The CEO ofAmazon, JeffBezos, remains the richest person in Americadespite partingwith $46 billion over the past year, according toForbes' latestranking of the most wealthy people in theU.S.

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How many billionaires are there?

There are 2,153 billionaires on the2019list, down from 2,208 in 2018. The total combined net worth ofthisyear's billionaires is $8.7 trillion, down from$9.1trillion in 2018.

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Who is No 1 richest man in the world?

Here's the top 10 list:
  • Jeff Bezos. | Amazon. | $112 billion.
  • Bill Gates. | Microsoft. | $90 billion.
  • Warren Buffett. | Berkshire Hathaway. |
  • Bernard Arnault & family. | LVMH. |
  • Mark Zuckerberg. | Facebook. |
  • Amancio Ortega. | Zara. |
  • Carlos Slim Helu & family. | telecom. |$67.1 billion.
  • Charles Koch. | Koch Industries. |$60 billion.

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What does Jeff Bezos own?

Jeff Bezos founded e-commerce colossus Amazonin1994 out of his garage in Seattle. He remains CEO and owns anearly12% stake.

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How much does Jeff Bezos make an hour?

Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos makes more than any personinAmerica, raking in a whopping $4,475,885 per hour,accordingto an new analysis by Business Insider. That's around 157times themedian annual worker salary at Amazon of$28,466.