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Who is Kit from backstage?

Last Updated: 1st June, 2020

Kit. Katherine Emily "Kit" Dunn (Romy Weltman) is a music and an art student. She is a producer, considered talented by even Jax, and an artist.

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Similarly, it is asked, who plays Kit on backstage?

Series Cast

Devyn Nekoda Vanessa Morita 60 episodes, 2016-2017
Colin Petierre Sasha Roy 60 episodes, 2016-2017
Mckenzie Small Scarlett Dunn 60 episodes, 2016-2017
Romy Weltman Kit Dunn 60 episodes, 2016-2017
Kyal Legend Julie Maslany 60 episodes, 2016-2017

One may also ask, does Netflix have backstage? Backstage is a Canadian drama series about a performing arts high school created by Jennifer Pertsch and Lara Azzopardi. The series was also released on Netflix in early 2017, with season two premiering on the streaming service on September 30, 2017.

Likewise, people ask, what disease does Miles have in backstage?

kidney disease

Is Backstage Cancelled on Disney Channel?

DHX Media has ordered a second season of 30 episodes of the Backstage TV show, for Family Channel (Canada). In the US, the first season of Backstage premiered on Disney Channel, in March. When Backstage is cancelled or renewed by Disney Channel, we will let you know.

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What does TMK mean in backstage?

Too Much Keaton. Too Muck Keaton, also known as TMK, is Keaton's gossip blog. Sasha formerly owned TMK and wrote about the latest gossip about the students.

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Are they making a 3rd season of backstage?

Backstage will only get a season three if we do our part and watch it! So if it's legally in your country (like on tv or Netflix) you must watch it in order to get the show views!!

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Who plays Julie in backstage?

Julie Harrop - Professional Profile, Photos, and Video Reels on Backstage - Actress.

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How do you become an actor with no experience?

Here are the 7 tips on how to become an actor with no experience and how do to it in the most efficient way possible.
  1. Read and study.
  2. Don't move right away.
  3. Audition and train locally.
  4. Work on your special skills.
  5. Start working on your marketing.
  6. Get used to rejection.
  7. Finally, be patient and consistent.

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Is Backstage a Disney show?

Backstage is a Canadian drama series about a performing arts high school created by Jennifer Pertsch and Lara Azzopardi. The series aired in Canada on Family Channel from March 18 to December 9, 2016, and in the United States on Disney Channel from March 25 to September 30, 2016.

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When did backstage end?

September 30, 2017

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Do Miles and Alya end up together?

Backstage | Season 2: Episode 30 Clip - Alya and Miles Get Back Together.

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How many backstage seasons are there?


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Who is miles from backstage?

Miles. Miles Lennox (Josh Bogert) is a shy music student.

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What episode do miles and Alya kiss?

They kiss and make their relationship official. In "After the Flood" Miles and Alya open the episode by singing "Colour Me Happy" to each other whilst walking into school.

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In what episode of backstage Does miles faint?

"In Their Shoes" is the 7th episode of Season 1 of Backstage and overall.

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What episode in backstage do Beckett and Vanessa kiss?

The pairs first kiss occurred in Shake It Off. After helping Vanessa with her choreography for student Mindy, Beckett tells her that even on crutches, she is amazing. He then kisses her. Later on in the episode, Vanessa sees him walking out of school.

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How many episodes are in backstage?


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Why did backstage get Cancelled?

As you may know and love, Backstage was canceled after the second season. Which of course, the fans were devastated after being left on a cliffhanger. All the fans not only fell in love with the cast but developed a true connection to the storyline and the cast.

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What is backstage rated?

Backstage has a consumer rating of 3.76 stars from 191 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Backstage also ranks 1st among Talent Agency sites.

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Is backstage on Amazon Prime?

Prime Video offers backstage pass to musicians' lives. Prime members enjoy FREE Two-Day Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books.