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Who is the best NBA passer of all time?

Last Updated: 11th February, 2020

Greatest NBA Passers Ever
  • #8: Larry Bird.
  • #7: Isiah Thomas.
  • #6: Oscar Robertson. Years in NBA: 14 (1960-74)
  • #5: LeBron James. Years in NBA: 16 (2003-present)
  • #4: Steve Nash. Years in NBA: 18 (1996-2014)
  • #3: Jason Kidd. Years in NBA:19 (1994-2003)
  • #2: John Stockton. Years in NBA: 19 (1984-2003)
  • #1: Magic Johnson. Years in NBA: 13 (1979-91, 1995-96)

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Keeping this in view, who is the greatest passer in NBA history?

Magic Johnson

Secondly, is LeBron the best passer of all time? To say LeBron is the greatest passing forward of all-time is to state the obvious. He has a case as the best passer ever, at any position, right there with Magic Johnson, John Stockton and Jason Kidd despite carrying a far greater scoring and defensive burden that any of those players ever did.

Also to know is, who is the best passer in the NBA 2019?

  1. Ben Simmons. One of the key traits of being a good passer is possessing great court vision.
  2. Nikola Jokic. At 7-foot Nikola Jokic is only a couple inches taller than Simmons, but with his good vision, he can make basically any pass he wants as well.
  3. Trae Young.
  4. LeBron James.
  5. James Harden.

Who is the most skilled basketball player ever?

Kobe Bryant

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Who is the greatest white basketball player of all time?

With all of that in mind, I bring you the Top 10 greatest white basketball players in the NBA (and WNBA) ever.
  • “The Pistol” Pete Maravich.
  • Diana Taurasi.
  • Kevin McHale.
  • John Stockton.
  • Steve Nash.
  • Dirk Nowitzki.
  • George Mikan.
  • John Havlicek.

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Who is the best white NBA player?

Larry Bird
He was a 3-time MVP, a Rookie of the Year, 3-time All-Defensive, 3-time NBA Champion and made it to the All-Star Game in every single season, being one of the best players in Boston Celtics history and of course, the best white player in NBA history.

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Who are the top 10 scorers in NBA history?

NBA all-time scoring leaders - total number of points scored** as of January 27, 2020
NBA player Number of points scored
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
Karl Malone 36,928
LeBron James* 33,655
Kobe Bryant 33,643

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Who was the first NBA player?

Oscar Benjamin "Ossie" Schectman (May 30, 1919 – July 30, 2013) was an American professional basketball player. He is credited with having scored the first basket in the Basketball Association of America (BAA), which would later become the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Was Michael Jordan a good passer?

Not necessarily. Jordan, the GOAT, was a very good passer, but is not usually thought of as a great passer. He averaged 5.3 assists/game over his career, which is quite good for an NBA SG. In the one season where he functioned as a point guard for much of the season, he averaged 6.7 apg for that season.

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What is an NBA assist?

In basketball, an assist is attributed to a player who passes the ball to a teammate in a way that leads to a score by field goal, meaning that they were "assisting" in the basket. An assist can be scored for the passer even if the player who receives the pass makes a basket after dribbling the ball.

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Who was the best NBA player in the 80s?

  1. Magic Johnson, PG, L.A. Lakers. 26 of 26.
  2. Larry Bird, SF, Boston Celtics. 25 of 26.
  3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, C, L.A. Lakers. 24 of 26.
  4. Moses Malone, C, Philadelphia 76ers. 23 of 26.
  5. Michael Jordan, G, Chicago Bulls. 22 of 26.
  6. Isiah Thomas, PG, Detroit Pistons.
  7. Julius Erving, F, Philadelphia 76ers.
  8. Dominique Wilkins, SF, Atlanta Hawks.

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What shooting guard has the most assists?

Assist leaders
Rank Player Total assists
1 John Stockton* 15,806
2 Jason Kidd* 12,091
3 Steve Nash* 10,335
4 Mark Jackson 10,334

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Who averages the most points in the NBA right now?

Rank Player PPG
1. Michael Jordan* 30.12
2. Wilt Chamberlain* 30.07
3. Elgin Baylor* 27.36
4. LeBron James 27.10

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Is LeBron a better passer than Magic?

LeBron uses his strength and athleticism to excel on the court, while Magic has a better all-around offensive game and is a better leader. They're both very good passers and rebounders, but Magic has a distinct edge as an assist man with an average of 11.2 a game, best-ever in the NBA.

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Who's better Kobe or LeBron?

Kobe is a more complete player
LeBron might be more dominant player, but Kobe is a more versatile and well-rounded player, which gives him the edge. While LeBron is an all-around player, with explosive power that makes him almost impossible to guard, he lacks instinct and on-court elegance and style.

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Why is Kobe Bryant better than LeBron James?

Sure, LeBron is the better rebounder, and you can also make the argument that he is the better passer. But given the talent and size, it's no surprise. I prefer Kobe over LeBron because I prefer skill over talent. That's not to say that LeBron doesn't have skill, and that's also not to say that Kobe didn't have talent.

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Is Kobe better than Jordan?

Kobe came into the league with a better jump shot compared to Jordan. This jumper has been one of Kobe's primary weapons throughout his career, which has contributed to a lower career field goal percentage as compared to Jordan (since he had less driving opportunities).

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Why Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan had a better career than Kobe Bryant. But he was NOT a better player than Kobe Bryant. Kobe played his career in one of the most difficult times, handchecks, guard match ups, bias hatred towards him because of his personal life (going through a rape case and a mis carriage throughout his 20's.

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What Michael Jordan said about Kobe Bryant?

Michael Jordan was emotional while honoring Kobe Bryant during Monday's memorial service at the Staples Center. "When Kobe Bryant died, a piece of me died," Jordan said. "And as I look in this arena and across the globe, a piece of you died."

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Is Kobe more skilled than Jordan?

Dwight Howard's says Kobe Bryant is better than a Michael Jordan. Even though Jordan has more accolades in his career, it was always obvious he is one of the most skilled players in NBA history.

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How many rings does Shaq have in the NBA?

He played for the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics. He was a 15-time NBA All-Star and won four NBA championships. This sports figure article is a stub.