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Who is the father of Rhea Walls baby?

Last Updated: 25th March, 2021

They teamed together to say that Joh Gray is the father of Rhea Wall's son.

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Likewise, did Rhea from the walls group have a baby?

Rhea Walls Of The Walls Group Gives Birth To Baby Boy [PHOTOS] Congrats are in order for Rhea Walls who gave birth to a baby boy on February 12! The Walls Group singers' family (Darrell, Paco, Ahjah) took to Instagram to share the news, revealing their new nephew's name, along with their excitement for his arrival.

how old are the walls group members? “We were just sitting down to eat when all of a sudden my dad rushes over and tells us to get on the speaker phone,” recalls 16-year-old Ahjah, one fourth of the critically acclaimed family phenomenon The Walls Group, which includes 19-year-old sister Rhea, 18-year-old brother Paco and 23-year-old brother Darrel.

Similarly, who in the walls group had a baby?

The Walls Group "Family" (cover) featuring Baby Zyon Gray - YouTube.

Does Wall Group have kids?

From deep in the heart of Texas comes The Walls Group. Darrel, Rhea, Paco and Ahjah are the singing four of eight children born to Roger and Alicia Walls. With musically inclined parents, these kids could not escape the melodies and harmonies that coursed throughout the household and seeped into their souls.

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Is the walls group related?

The Walls Group. The Walls Group is an American urban contemporary gospel group signed to RCA Records. The group consists of four siblings, two sisters, Rhea Walls and Ahjah Walls, and two brothers, Darrel Walls and Alic "Paco" Walls.

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Who discovered the walls group?

Kirk Franklin is known as one of contemporary gospel music's most popular staples, and he is passing on his recipe for success to newcomers the Walls Group. Ranging in ages from 16 to 23, the quartet, though young in theory, have proven to be mature in practice.

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How many walls children are there?

The Walls Group is made up of four of eight children, born to Roger and Alicia Walls. Being the children of two musicians, these kids could not escape the inevitable.

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How do I book the walls group?

The Walls Group followed. Taking booking request for 2020 and 2021 for TWG. Calendar is filling fast, send ur request to or call 832-691-8123 TODAY.

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Who is the youngest in the walls group?

Ahjah, the youngest of The Walls Group pictured on the far right in the photo above, took to social media to share her good news on July 28.

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Who are the members of the walls group?

Darrel Walls
Ahjah Walls
Rhea Walls
Paco Walls

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How old is Darrel?

Darrel Walls is 23 years old and is the eldest member of the Walls Family Singers. He started playing drums at the age of 4 and did so until he replaced them with the organ/keyboard. It is his passion for God that causes him to be an exceptional individual, songwriter and arranger.

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How old is Ahjah walls?

Ahjah Walls current age 21 years old.