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Who is the highest paid newscaster?

Last Updated: 20th April, 2020

Robin Roberts and Megyn Kelly, who work for ABC andNBC,respectively, join Fox News's Sean Hannity as the topthreehighest-earning television news anchors. Hannityisthe highest-earning TV news anchor by amile,making twice as much as Roberts and Kelly, who are the second-andthird-highest earning anchors.

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Hereof, who's the highest paid newscaster?

The Net Worth of the Richest TV News Anchor WillLeaveYou

  1. Anderson Cooper, $100 million. Anderson Cooper |ScottOlson/Getty Images.
  2. Sean Hannity, $80 million. Sean Hannity | PaulZimmerman/GettyImages.
  3. Katie Couric, $75 million.
  4. Matt Lauer, $60 million.
  5. Brian Williams, $40 million.
  6. Robin Roberts, $35 million.
  7. Shepard Smith, $25 million.
  8. Charlie Rose, $20 million.

One may also ask, how much do local news anchors make? The average salary for a news anchor is$83,300,though this can range from a minimum of $14,000 to amaximum of$875,000, depending on market size and othercircumstances. Sportsanchors weigh in with an average$56,500 annually, with arange of $18,000-$275,000.

Besides, who is the highest paid anchor at CNN?

The Highest-Paid News Anchors in 2019

  • Joe Scarborough. Salary - $8 million.
  • Bret Baier. Salary - $7 million.
  • Scott Pelley. Salary - $7 million.
  • Rachel Maddow. Salary - $7 million.
  • Tucker Carlson. Salary: $6 million.
  • Lawrence O'Donnell. Salary - $5 million.
  • Lester Holt. Salary: $4 million.
  • Erin Burnett. Salary: $3 million.

Who is the highest paid news anchor in India?

List Of Highest Paid Indian News Anchors

  • Rajdeep Sardesai. Rajdeep earns almost Rs. 85 lakhspermonth.
  • Barkha Dutt. Barkha earns a yearly salary of Rs.3.6 crore,withher recurrent income more than Rs. 30 lakh.
  • Sudhir Chaudhary. Sudhi earns Rs. 25 lakhs per month (ApproxRs.3 crores yearly package).
  • Ravish Kumar.

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What is Hannity's salary?

In 2018, Forbes estimated that Hannity'sannualincome was $36 million.

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What is Shepard Smith's net worth?

Shepard Smith, $25 million
Racking in a salary of $10 million a year from FoxNews,Shepard Smith knows how to keep his net worthrobust.Fox's chief news anchor and managing editor of breakingnews hasbeen with Fox News since the beginning (and obviously thenetworkvalues him).

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What is the average salary of a Fox News anchor?

The 2014 Fox salary average of $74,000 asreportedby Simply Hired is eclipsed by the salariescommanded by thenetwork's leading national anchors. Theseinclude SarahPalin, whose 2013 contract earns her $250,000 a year,and MegynKelly, at $6 million a year.

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How much is Wolf Blitzer worth?

According to, WolfBlitzeris worth about $16 million. This comes from hissalary atCNN, which is worth somewhere between $2 millionand $5million.

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How much do weathermen make?

Wages. Meteorologists averaged as muchas$136,120 per year, or $65.44 per hour, as of May 2011, accordingtothe Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, some earned lessthan$47,950, or $23.05. Mean salaries were at $90,860, or $43.68perhour.

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What is the average salary of a CNN news anchor?

As a popular political journalist, and anaccomplishedanchor, Baldwin's big pay day is morethan double theaverage annual salary for an anchor atCNN.While the average anchor at CNN is makingabout$58,432 per annum, as an experienced anchor, BrookeBaldwinis bringing in nearly triple at $153,000 ayear.

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How much do the CNN anchors make?

How much money do your anchorsearnin a year? Answer: Anchors make anywhere from$40,000(freelance) to several million, depending on tenure andexperience.Answer: CNN--typically an 8-hourshift.

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How much does Savannah Guthrie make a year?

Savannah Guthrie Salary and Contract:SavannahGuthrie's current NBC salary is $8 millionperyear.

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Does CNN make money?

Cable channels get money from twosources,primarily. First, they sell advertisements. Even if thesepeopledon't watch CNN, the cable company (Comcast, TimeWarnerCable, etc) still pay CNN, Fox News, MSNBC andotherchannels some amount per subscriber. For CNN, it'saround $7or $8 per year per subscriber.

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What is the salary of a TV weatherman?

The mean annual wage for allmeteorologistsis $93,710 according to the United StatesDepartment of Labor. Theindustry with the most jobs formeteorologists is the federalgovernment. It pays averagesalaries at $102,510 peryear.

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How do you become a TV anchor?

Part 2 Gaining the Experience
  1. Get a bachelor's degree. Most TV stations require that youhavea college degree, preferably in broadcast journalism.
  2. Get relevant experience at your undergraduate institution.
  3. Get some internship experience.
  4. Consider getting a master's degree in journalism.
  5. Learn how to write for TV.

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Do news anchors wear their own clothes?

The simple answer at that station is yes, thenewsanchors choose and wear their own clothes. Somerequireconsultants to shop with their anchors andreporters;some stations pay for wardrobes, and others havetrade agreementswith advertisers with the clothes laterbeing returned ordonated.

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How much does a TV Chief Meteorologist make?

Industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reportstheannual median pay in 2016 for meteorologists was $92,460,or$44.45 per hour.

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How much does a National Weather Service meteorologist make?

Starting salary for MeteorologistsandHydrologists within the NWS is approximately $28,000peryear. After yearly management reviews and training thepotentialincome for forecasters ranges from $60,000- $100,000peryear.

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What is the annual salary for a hairdresser?

How Much Does a HairdresserMake?Hairdressers made a median salary of $24,850 in2017.The best-paid 25 percent made $35,100 that year, whilethelowest-paid 25 percent made $20,200.

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What do you need to study to become a news anchor?

A bachelor's degree in journalism,communicationsor a related field is generally the first step inbecoming anews anchor. These 4-year degree programsincludecoursework in media ethics, editorial writing, visualtechnologyand investigative reporting.