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Who is the main character of Frankenstein?

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Victor Frankenstein
He is the main character, a man driven by ambition and scientific curiosity.

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Keeping this in view, who is the main character in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley?

Victor Frankenstein

Likewise, what do the characters in Frankenstein symbolize? First, fire and light symbolize the dual nature of progress and innovation. Second, Frankenstein's repeated referrals to the monster as Adam symbolize the creation (and duality in nature) of man. And, third, Walton's quest symbolizes exploration and ambition, as well as its inherent dangers.

Thereof, who is Frankenstein's best friend?

Henry Clerval Victor's

Who is Beaufort in Frankenstein?

Caroline dies of scarlet fever when Victor is seventeen. Caroline's father and a close friend to Alphonse Frankenstein. Beaufort was a merchant who fell into poverty and moved to Lucerne with his daughter. He died soon thereafter.

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Who is the most evil character in Frankenstein?

The real villain of Frankenstein isn't the creature, but rather his creator, Victor. As a romantic novel Victor is responsible, because he abandoned his creation. As an archetype novel, Victor is the villain, because he was trying to play god.

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Who all died in Frankenstein?

Victor himself also dies. Other relatives, such as Victor's mother and Elizabeth's mother (Victor's aunt), die in the novel of other causes. The Creature also kills Frankenstein's best friend, Henry Clerval, and the family's housekeeper, Justine Moritz.

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What is the name of the family in Frankenstein?

Felix. The son of de Lacey, he is devoted to his family and his mistress, Safie. Though noble, he drives the creature from the family cottage with stones. He thereby symbolizes one of the basic flaws in the human character: the hatred of difference.

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Who is a static character in Frankenstein?

Frankenstein is a static character, that is, he starts the novel as a self-centered ignorant wuss and ends it much in the same way. His creature, however, displays changes in character that are varied and important. His initial, if stupid, timidity, is replaced by anger, and that anger eventually by remorse.

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What happens to Victor's father?

He vows to return to Geneva to protect the rest of his family. What happens to Victor's father? His father dies. His mind turns from a victim to a seeker of revenge, he plans to avenge the deaths of his friends and family at the hands of his creation.

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Who is Waldman in Frankenstein?

M. Waldman is the sexy professor who encourages Victor's interest in chemistry, which he describes as modern-day alchemy. With salt-and-pepper hair and a "remarkably erect" posture—not to mention a face made for TV—you know this guy has a chili pepper by his name. No wonder Victor starts studying with him.

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What is Elizabeth's role in Frankenstein?

Elizabeth is the one who keeps the family together after Caroline dies. She writes to Victor while at school and tells him what is going on with the family. She is the source for information for Victor when he is away at the university. Her letters are important in the plot of the story.

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How does Victor die?

Victor dies from pneumonia, which he contracts as he travels across the icy wastes of the Arctic to escape his hideous creation.

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Who was Frankenstein's closest friend?

Who was Frankenstein's closest friend? It was Henry Clerval.

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What happened at Frankenstein's trial?

At the trial, Frankenstein was found innocent by reason of insanity. What happened on Frankenstein and Elizabeth's wedding night? The creature broke into the room and killed Elizabeth. The creature strangled Victor Frankenstein.

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How does Frankenstein's father die?

Alphonse Frankenstein. Father of Victor, Ernest, and William Frankenstein; husband of Caroline; uncle and adoptive father of Elizabeth. The emphasis on duty is clear in all of his dealings with his son. Alphonse dies of an apoplectic fit after hearing of the death of Elizabeth.

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Who is safie?

Safie is a minor character in Shelley's Frankenstein. She is a Turkish young woman in exile due to political disfavor. She lives in the cabin with Felix and his family, where they house her and teach her English. Through their lessons to Safie, the Monster learns language and history.

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How did Frankenstein's mother die?

Spurned by its creator, the creature develops a desire for revenge and soon takes the lives of everyone dear to Victor. Victor Frankenstein's mother, an orphan, dies of scarlet fever while nursing Victor's “cousin” and eventual wife, Elizabeth. While on their honeymoon, Elizabeth too is killed by the monster.

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Why did Frankenstein create the monster?

1) Why does Frankenstein create the Monster? Frankenstein believes that by creating the Monster, he can discover the secrets of “life and death,” create a “new species,” and learn how to “renew life.” He is motivated to attempt these things by ambition.

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What gives Shelley her idea for a story?

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is considered by many to be the first science fiction story. As such, it incorporates some of the scientific research of her day. Shelley probably got her idea for Frankenstein from experiments conducted by scientists such as Luigi Galvani and his nephew Giovanni Aldini.

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How is Felix related to safie?

Safie was the daughter of a Turkish merchant resident in Paris and a Christian Arab, enslaved by the Turks, who had raised her as a Christian (II:6:8). Her father's arrest (on unspecified political grounds) leads Felix to vow to free him, and this attracts Safie to him.

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What fear does Frankenstein represent?

Xenophobia is defined as the fear of the unknown. Many people in the world suffer from xenophobia. In the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the monster in which the story is based around represents xenophobia.

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What does Frankenstein mean?

noun. a person who creates a monster or a destructive agency that cannot be controlled or that brings about the creator's ruin. Also called Frankenstein monster. the monster or destructive agency itself.