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Who is the speaker in the poem this is just to say?

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William Carlos Williams may be most famous for his 1934 poem, "This Is Just To Say." Sure, his poem "The Red Wheelbarrow," is super famous, but "This Is Just To Say" has all the high drama of a soap opera with its juicy, shocking confession: The speaker has eaten all the plums! We'll pause for appropriate gasps.

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Regarding this, what is the structure of the poem this is just to say?

The Poem. William Carlos Williams's “This Is Just to Say” contains three stanzas, each composed of four short lines. No line exceeds three words. In the first stanza, the narrator-writer of a memorandum asserts that he has eaten plums that were in the icebox.

One may also ask, what is the theme of the poem this is just to say? Guilt. Before our speaker eats the plums, he knows he shouldn't, that someone else is saving them for a delicious breakfast they'll never get to have. So, the entire poem is a note of apology, in which the speaker asks for apology and expresses his guilt.

Also to know is, what does this is just to say mean?

"This is Just to Say", by William Carlos Willaims, is a satire poem about a man eating a plum that was someone else's and then apologizing for it. Even though the word "plums" is only used once in the poem, every line after refers to them.

Why did William Carlos Williams write this is just to say?

'This is Just to Say' by William Carlos Williams contains a speaker's apology to the listener for going into the fridge and eating plums that did not belong to him. The poem begins with the speaker telling the listener of his crime. He ate “the plums,” a very specific group of them, from the fridge.

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What is Imagist poetry?

Imagism is a type of poetry that describes images with simple language and great focus. It came out of the Modernist movement in poetry. In the early 1900s, poets abandoned the old ways of writing poems and created a new movement in poetry called Modernism.

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What does the red wheelbarrow mean?

“The Red Wheelbarrow” Symbols
By declaring that "so much depends upon" the wheelbarrow, then, the poem implies the importance of agriculture and farm laborers.

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What type of poem is spring and all?

Spring And All is a free verse poem of 8 stanzas; there is no rhyme or set metrical pattern.

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What makes a poem a poem?

In short, what makes a poem a poem is the ability to make the reader feel something. One of the books I teach from is called Sound and Sense, which comes from the idea that poetry should match its sound with its meaning (sense). If it's a serious or depressing poem, the language should reflect that.

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What is the tone of this is just to say?

The tone of this poem is lighthearted. This short, three-stanza imagist poem is actually a note the poet has written to someone he is close to, apologizing for eating the plums she has saved.

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What color are the chickens in the red wheelbarrow?

The wheelbarrow is red. The chickens are white.

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Which you were probably saving for breakfast?

This Is Just To Say
  • I have eaten. the plums. that were in. the icebox.
  • and which. you were probably. saving. for breakfast.
  • Forgive me. they were delicious. so sweet. and so cold.

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What fruit does Williams mentioned in this is just to say?

The things in this poem happen to be plums and yes, there's no doubting, all the ideas seem to spring from this delicious, juicy, cool fruit.

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What do plums symbolize?

They symbolise perseverance and hope, as well as, beauty thriving in adverse circumstances. As the Plum tree blossoms between two seasons, it is also seen as a symbol of spring - bringing warmth, transition and the promise of fruitfulness.

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When was the great figure written?

The resulting poem, "The Great Figure," was published in Williams's 1921 collection Sour Grapes. Two years later he would publish what has become his most famous work, the mixed poetry/prose manifesto Spring and All (You can read more about the title poem on Shmoop.)

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Which one of the five senses does the imagery in this is just to say primarily appeal to?

The main senses that this poem's imagery appeal to are sight and hearing. Imagery refers to the use of figurative language to create pictures, or "images" in the reader's mind. It appeals to the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.