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Who makes comfortmaker air conditioners?

Last Updated: 19th January, 2020

The Comfortmaker brand is owned by International Comfort Products (ICP), a unit of United Technologies Corp. (UTC).

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Besides, is comfortmaker a good AC brand?

Air conditioners with SEER ratings of at least 18 can qualify for Energy Star's “most efficient” list. Comfortmaker offers many energy-efficient AC units SEER ratings higher than 18.

Likewise, who makes EcoTemp air conditioners? EcoTemp 3 Ton 14 SEER Central System WCA4364GKA, WAHL364B. EcoTemp is Designed and produced by International Comfort Products (ICP) who are most well known for producing the Carrier brand.

Likewise, people ask, are comfortmaker and carrier the same?

Comfortmaker is a subsidiary of carrier. The units are virtually identical. There may be a few more unnecessary bells and whistles on a carrier unit, but that's about it. Same compressors.

What is the best brand of central air conditioner?

Here's a quick roundup of our top 10 best AC brands on the market today:

  • Goodman Central Air Conditioners.
  • Trane Central AC Units.
  • Rheem Air Conditioners.
  • Lennox HVAC Units.
  • York AC Units.
  • Ruud Central Air Conditioners.
  • Amana HVAC Systems.
  • HEIL Air Conditioners.

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Which is No 1 AC in world?

Daikin is World's No.

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Which is better Trane or Carrier?

Trane high-end models are more efficient. When comparing mid and basic-level units, Trane and Carrier air conditioners have very similar SEER ratings. However, Trane's high-end units have higher SEER ratings. The efficiency of an air conditioning unit is given as a “seasonal energy-efficiency rating,” or SEER number.

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Which is better Rheem or Lennox?

Both companies carry top-quality products that are energy efficient and economical, but Lennox has many more options than Rheem, offering you much more variety. When doing your Rheem vs Lennox comparison, you'll also notice that both brands are available at many popular home improvement stores.

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Is Trane better than Goodman?

Two-Stage Cooling
Trane has two compressors for two-stage operation while the Goodman uses a single two-stage scroll compressor for staging. Both compressor systems are reliable and have proven themselves over time.

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What is a good SEER rating for an air conditioner?

A higher SEER rating provides greater energy efficiency in certain conditions. The minimum standard SEER for air conditioners is 13, though most modern air conditioners have a SEER that ranges from 13 to 21. Trane air conditioners range from 14.5 SEER up to 22 SEER. But don't forget — this rating is a maximum.

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How much should a 3 ton AC unit cost installed?

3-Ton AC Unit Installed Price
Installing a 3-ton AC unit averages $3,800. But this cost varies greatly and can be as high as $5,000 or more. Be sure to consult a pro to get the most accurate estimate for this project.

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Is Lennox better than carrier?

Both Carrier and Lennox offer AC units in high-SEER models. They utilize two-stage and variable-speed compressor technology (offered by both Carrier and Lennox) which isn't as reliable as their single-speed 14 and 16 SEER counterparts.

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What should I look for when buying an air conditioner?

Here are 7 factors that you must consider before you buy your next air conditioner. Plus Suggested Air Conditioner Brands with off-season discounts.
  1. Energy Efficiency:
  2. Split or Window AC ?
  3. Air Quality.
  4. Installation, Maintenance and Cleaning:
  5. Cooling Speed:
  6. Multipurpose:

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How do I read my comfortmaker serial number?

The first two numbers after a single letter in the serial number are the year of manufacture of a Comfortmaker system by International Comfort. So the serial number shown below indicates a 2007 manufacture date.

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How good are comfortmaker furnaces?

These are budget-friendly and efficient furnaces that deliver reliable performance. The unit has a heating capacity range of 24,000 to 140,000 BTUh and has a maximum efficiency of 96% AFUE.

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Is ICP a carrier?

ICP/Carrier Systems. United Technologies ,ICP, or International Comfort Products Corporation, is a subsidiary of Carrier and includes brands such as Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, GrandAire and more. ECOTEMP is made by United Technologies who also makes Grandaire,Tempstar, Carrier, Bryant and a few other brands.

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Where is the filter on my comfortmaker furnace?

This filter is located in the blower compartment (bottom door) adjacent to the cold air return. You have to remove both the top door and then the bottom door. Make sure that when you re-install the bottom door, it goes over the furnace frame so that it engages the safety switch.

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How do I reset my comfortmaker furnace?

How to Find My Furnace Motor Reset Button
  1. Turn off the power to the furnace at the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is clearly marked.
  2. Lift up the blower compartment cover to access the blower wheel and blower motor.
  3. Look for a small red or yellow button on the side of the blower motor.
  4. Press the reset button down if it has popped up.

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Is Grandaire made by carrier?

Grandaire is an ICP product made with an abomination of Carrier and Chinese parts. The parts actually have Carrier stickers and numbers, the blower motors usually are made by Zhongsuan(sp?). Warranty replacement parts will usually be converted to better parts than the original ones.

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What is the best month to buy an air conditioner?

You should be buying your air conditioner in the off season: The best time of year to buy an air conditioner is in the off season, which, in the HVAC industry, is the time between winter and summer – aka, spring and fall.

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How many square feet will a 3 ton AC cool?

METHOD 2: Go by square feet + climate
HVAC System Sizing
Blue Green
2.5 tons 1401-1650 sf 1351-1600 sf
3 tons 1651-2100 sf 1601-2000 sf
3.5 tons 2101-2300 sf 2001-2250 sf

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How long does Freon last in home AC?

Freon Is Forever
An air conditioner's refrigerant's system is a closed (or sealed) system, meaning there is no way for the Freon to escape; since Freon does not get used up, as long as there are no leaks, your AC's Freon will keep doing it's thing indefinitely.

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How do I determine what size air conditioner I need?

To calculate the size, simply multiply the length times the width of the room or area to be cooled. Then, as a practical number, multiply that total times 25 BTU. This allows ample cooling, whether it is a rainy, moist day or a hot, sunny, humid day.

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How big of an air conditioner do I need for my house?

If your home is 2000 square feet, you can calculate your HVAC needs the same as you would for a 1600 square foot home. Assuming one ton of cooling capacity can cool 400 square feet of your home, you'll need about 5.0 tons of air conditioning capacity. Multiply this by 12,000 BTUs, and you'll get 60,000 BTUs.