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Why did Juror 11 change his vote?

Last Updated: 3rd June, 2020

When the Jurors first started talking about the case my juror wasn't sure if the boy was innocent. I honestly think he believed the boy was guilty. When they got into further details his vote changed to "Not guilty". He changed his vote because he was putting everything together from point A to B.

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People also ask, why does Juror 12 change his vote?

Jurors 12 and 4 change their vote to "not guilty". Juror 10, who says he still thinks the defendant is guilty, bluntly admits to no longer caring about the verdict and votes for acquittal.

Subsequently, question is, why did Juror 5 change his vote? When Juror Nine is the first to change his vote to 'not guilty' during a secret ballot vote, Juror Three becomes aggressive with Juror Five, accusing him of being the one to change his vote. However, the demonstration ends up reminding Juror Five of knife fights that he saw in his neighborhood as he was growing up.

Keeping this in view, why did 11 jurors initially vote guilty?

Near the end of the play, Juror 7 announces that he's changing his vote to guilty, not because he believes the defendant might not be guilty, but because he has had enough and wants to go home.

Why do the other jurors turn their back on Juror 10?

Why do the other jurors turn their backs on 10's statements about his true feelings? Because he was continuously ranting about how terrible certain groups are and saying terrible assuming things about people in the slums, and everyone was getting sick of his bigotry--it's offensive and was uncalled for.

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Why is Juror 3 angry?

In 12 Angry Men, Juror 3 is the most challenging juror because of his unwillingness to work well with the other jurors. Juror 3 tries to bully the other jurors into voting guilty. Juror 3 does not work well with others. He is a bully, and he often tries to belittle other people.

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Why did Juror 9 change his vote?

Juror 9 is the first of the remaining eleven jurors to change his vote after the initial one. He does this, not because he has changed his mind, but to give support to Juror 8. At the beginning of Act II, Juror 9 says, ''He gambled for support, and I gave it to him.

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Who changed their vote in Twelve Angry Men?

It is Juror Nine, the elderly man on the jury, who changes his vote from guilty to not guilty at the end of Act One, and he is the first juror to do so. Juror Nine changes his vote to support Juror Eight, who wants to discuss the evidence before reaching a verdict.

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Why did Juror 8 change his vote?

Juror 8. In the first vote, Juror 8 is the only one to vote not guilty. He does this not because he really feels that the defendant is necessarily innocent, but for another reason altogether. He votes not guilty because he feels that the group should discuss a case with such serious consequences before deciding.

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How does 12 Angry Jurors end?

Most courtroom movies feel it necessary to end with a clear-cut verdict. But "12 Angry Men" never states whether the defendant is innocent or guilty. It is about whether the jury has a reasonable doubt about his guilt.

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What year is 12 Angry Men set?

This drama by Reginald Rose, set in New York City during the summertime in the 1950s in a court jury room, gives the reader a firsthand view of the suspense, or uncertainty and anxiety the reader feels, found in that jury room as well as the many different personalities that affect the outcome of any jury verdict.

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What is the final verdict in 12 Angry Men?

So it's clear that his own feelings about his son are making him prejudiced against the boy on trial. In the end, he breaks down crying and gives a verdict of "Not Guilty." Juror #1 goes to knock on the door and tells the bailiff that they're ready to give their verdict.

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What was the inspiration for the 12 person jury?

One primary reason why today's juries tend to have 12 people is that the Welsh king Morgan of Gla-Morgan, who established jury trials in 725 A.D., decided upon the number, linking the judge and jury to Jesus and his Twelve Apostles. The Supreme Court has ruled that smaller juries can be permitted.

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Why is Juror 8 a hero?

Juror 8 is a hero because of his revolt against the status quo. The 8th juror is the first to vote not guilty because of his reasonable doubt and he had the confidence to stand up for his beliefs. He is the first juror to vote completely opposite from everyone else.

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Who is Juror 10 referring to when he says them?

Juror 10 indicates that all people like the boy on trial are liars based on experiences he seems to have had with them. In Act I he says, 'You're not going to tell us that we're supposed to believe him, knowing what he is. I've lived among 'em all my life. You can't believe a word they say.

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How old is the kid in 12 Angry Men?

In a New York City courthouse, an eighteen-year-old boy from a slum is on trial for allegedly stabbing his father to death. Final closing arguments having been presented, a visibly bored judge instructs the jury to decide whether the boy is guilty of murder.

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Why did the foreman change his vote?

Changing His Vote
At first, the foreman votes that the defendant is guilty of killing his father but, in Act III of the play, he changes his vote to 'not guilty' when Juror Number Five is able to demonstrate that a switchblade would not be used from an upward angle because switchblades are used underhanded.

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Who is the main antagonist in 12 Angry Men?

But, finally Juror 10 is defeated as is Juror 3, and the men realize that there is reasonable doubt. Therefore, they cannot in good conscience, convict the boy.

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Why do the other jurors get up from the table?

In the scene where 10 starts going on about "those people," why do the other jurors get up from the table? They are disassociating them from him and saying,"we are not listening to you, be quiet your making a fool of yourself".

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What is 12 Angry Men based on?

1. It was inspired by a real jury duty experience. Reginald Rose, one of the most respected writers during the early days of television, served as a juror in a manslaughter case in early 1954. Naturally, as a dramatist, he noticed the drama inherent in the situation.

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Why is Juror 5 convinced that the boy did not stab his father?

Why is Five convinced that the boy did not stab his father? He's convinced because the boy is an experienced knife fighter and from the wound they had stabbed downward which makes him convinced the boy didn't do it. Five is an authority because he has seen knife fights in his backyard where he grew up.

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What does Juror 3 do to Juror 8 in the beginning of Act 3?

What does Juror #3 do to Juror #8 in the beginning of Act III that causes the others to cry "Look out!" How is this also an example of situational irony? Juror #3 charges at Juror #8 as if he were to stab him. He was "demonstrating" the correct way to stab with the switchblade.