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Why did Victoria Argent kill herself?

Last Updated: 4th August, 2021

Cause of Death: After being bitten by Derek in hismission to free Scott, Victoria decided that she would haveto kill herself as a result of the oath she took as ahunter. After getting her affairs in order, Victoria grabs alarge knife from the kitchen and makes her way to Allison's roomwith her husband Chris.

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Considering this, what happened to Chris Argent?

Chris Argent is one of the main characters inTeen Wolf and is played by JR Bourne. With the exception of hisfather, Gerard, Chris' entire family died. His sister KateArgent was killed by Peter Hale in Season 1 before comingback as a Werejaguar in Season 4. His wife Victoria Argenttook her own life in Season 2.

does Allison die in Teen Wolf? Share This Article. Ever since Allison Argentdied heroically at the end of Teen Wolf's third season, fanshave been clamoring for the actor who played her, Crystal Reed, toreturn.

Besides, who bit Allison's mom?

Victoria Argent was a recurring character on MTV"s TeenWolf played by Eaddy Mays. She is the late wife of Chris Argent andthe mother of the late Allison Argent.

Does Scott lose his true alpha? wrote: As we know, Scott is aTrue Alpha. However Alphas can lose their spark/titlethrough healing others, just like Derek did. Yes, Dereklost his power, but he received his Alpha status bytaking it from Peter.

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Does Stiles become a wolf?

Stiles doesn't become a werewolf. He getspossesed by an evil spirit, which is the closest he will get tobeing a supernatural. But he has a couple of times where Scottthinks of biting him from the cause of differentsituations.

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Does Gerard Argent die?

In Abomination, Bennett, one of the Argent'sHunters, was killed by a unknown shapeshifter, leadingArgent and Gerard to take his body to the BeaconHills Animal Clinic for Alan Deaton's expert opinion on what killedhim.

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Did Isaac Lahey die?

After the death of his father at the hands of theKanima, Isaac moved in with Derek. After Allison's death andthe defeat of the Nogitsune, Isaac left Beacon Hills withChris Argent to heal himself emotionally from Allison'sdeath.

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How did Kate Argent become a were Jaguar?

Peter Hale, a survivor of the fire who had recentlybecome the Alpha, finally got his revenge on Kate byclawing out her throat at the end of Season 1. Kate is amember of the Argent Family and has a mysterious connectionto the Aztec jaguar god Tezcatlipoca and the Berserkerspecies.

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Who killed Allison Argent?

MTV shocked “Teen Wolf” fans when the showkilled off one of its main characters on Monday, March 17.Badass arrow-wielding Allison Argent was the show's latestvictim when she sustained a fatal sword wounds at Oni's hands. In aheartbreaking scene, she called Scott “my first love”and bled out in his arms.

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Is Derek Hale gonna die?

After his Uncle Peter killed the conspirators involvedin the fire, Derek killed him and took the status of AlphaWerewolf. Derek apparently died for a little while inMexico. The whole process - losing his abilities and dying -had been one of evolution. He now has the ability to shift his bodyfully into wolf form.

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How does Allison Argent die?

On Teen Wolf, Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), whodied in the March 17 episode entitled "Insatiable" afterbeing stabbed by an Oni demon, followed the initial trajectory ofthe genre show girlfriend. She suspected Scott (Tyler Posey) washiding something from her. She got terrorized by the werewolves ofBeacon Hills.

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Who does Scott McCall end up with?

After Scott McCall was bitten by Peter Hale, hehad Stiles and Derek to help him understand his changes.Eventually, Allison and Lydia joined it and became clear thatScott had a pack in the making.

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Do Lydia and Stiles get together?

As of the mid-season finale of Season 6, Stilesand Lydia are now in an official relationship. Both Lydiaand Stiles have proven their dedication to their strongrelationship, by doing everything they can, including puttingthemselves in danger, in order to protect each other.

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Is Allison coming back in season 6?

According to Celebeat, Crystal Reed and Arden Cho mightreturn in the upcoming "Teen Wolf" Season 6. Thecharacter of Crystal Reed, Allison was killed the last timein the series but even then, Reed made a miraculous appearance onthe show.

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Do Allison and Isaac get together?

The relationship between Human Huntress AllisonArgent and Beta Werewolf Isaac Lahey. In Season 3B, the twobegan exploring their romantic feelings more, especially afterScott began a romantic relationship with Kira Yukimura andessentially gave them his blessing to betogether.

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Does Lydia become a werewolf?

At the end of Season One, Lydia was attacked andbitten by then-Alpha Werewolf Peter Hale, but in a shockingturn of events, she neither died nor turned into a Werewolfherself, a feat that was virtually unheard of in the supernaturalcommunity.