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Why does Montag seem to struggle so much in trying to understand the books?

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Montag wants to read books because he believes they might help him understand what's wrong with society. Following his initial encounter with the free-spirited Clarisse, Montag begins paying attention to his own emotional state and realizes that he is, in fact, quite unhappy.

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Also know, why is Montag trying to remember the Bible?

Montag compares his ability to remember the Bible verse to sand going through a sieve. Montag is only able to recall the words "Consider the lilies of the field" because the advertisement is so distracting. Montag becomes extremely frustrated with his inability to remember the entire verse and cries aloud on the train.

Similarly, what happens right before Montag and Mildred begin to read the books? Just before they start, the front door calls them to say there is someone at the door. They assume it is Beatty who has returned. There is one very important point that Beatty mentions when he is talking to Montag.

Similarly, what do you think Faber could have meant when he said that watching television feels more real than reading a book?

Faber agrees with Mildred that television seems morerealthan books, but he dislikes it because it is too invasive and controlling. Books at least allow the reader to put them down, giving one time to think and reason about the information they contain.

What seems to be wrong with Mildred?

Physically, the main thing that goes wrong with Mildred in Part One of the book is that she almost dies. She accidentally takes a whole bottle full of sleeping pills and is near death before Guy gets these guys to come over and pump her stomach and replace her blood.

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What is more important Mildred or the Bible?

Montag is concerned because he is afraid that his copy is the last copy of the Bible that exists. Mildred even accuses him of caring more about the Bible than her, and in some ways she is right. The Bible is real history and human culture, and more important than her, him, or any one person.

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What three things does Faber say are missing from their society?

In Fahrenheit 451, Faber says that three things are missing from society: high-quality information, the freedom to digest that information, and the ability to act based on what people learn from the interaction of those two things.

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What is Montag afraid of at work?

Montag was afraid of the mechanical hound. Montag burned his leg with the flamethrower.

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What does Granger think their job is?

What does Granger think their job is? Granger says that all the people in the woods are just receptacles for the knowledge in the books. They are like human libraries and they just carry the knowledge until it is needed again.

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What does Faber mean by I don't talk things?

“I don't talk things, sir,” said Faber. “I talk the meaning of things. I sit here and know I'm alive.” As Montag recalls meeting Faber in a park the year before, he remembers Faber saying these words. When Montag visits Faber, the Professor explains how he didn't take action when books were first banned.

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What does the book of Ecclesiastes teach?

Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes, Hebrew Qohelet, (Preacher), an Old Testament book of wisdom literature that belongs to the third section of the biblical canon, known as the Ketuvim (Writings). The book reflects the ideas of one who questioned the doctrine of retributive justice associated with wisdom theology.

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What is a rumor Montag has heard?

What is a rumor Montag has heard? They are having a great life while the rest of the world is suffering.

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What is Faber's third factor required for happiness?

There are three factors that are the key behind the happiness created by reading books. The first is quality, the second is leisure, and the third is the ability to act on what you learned from the first two. To elaborate, quality means that a book has "texture

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What does Montag do with the Bible?

Montag leaves Faber's house listening to Faber read The Book of Job through the radio device in his ear. Montag used the Bible in order to strike an alliance with Faber but also as a bargaining chip.

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Is Faber a coward?

In Part One of the novel, Faber admits to Montag that he is a coward. Faber feels this way because he saw how "things were going" and he didn't do anything about it. Faber quickly overcomes his cowardice, however, when he realizes that Montag is a potential ally and not his enemy.

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What is the importance of the dentifrice commercial?

While on the train, a commercial for Dentifrice toothpaste is played over and over again. The people on the train are keeping time to the rhythm of the commercial. The significance of the commercial is to show us how media and government is bombarding us with information.

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Why does Montag get sick and try to avoid going to work?

it's all over" (Bradbury 49). Montag feels guilty about burning so many books over the years and does not want to continue to destroy precious works of literature, which is why he gets "sick" and tries to avoid going into work.

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What did Beatty say about books?

Answer and Explanation:
Captain Beatty believes that books should be destroyed because their risks outweigh their advantages. In his mind, books do not provide any real

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How old is Montag?

30 years old

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What are the 2 professional symbols that Montag wears?

Montag does have a helmet with 451 emblazoned on it, the temperature at which paper burns, a symbol that firemen have been turned into censors, burning books. But he also wears two other symbols on his uniform: a salamander on his arm and a phoenix in a disc on his chest.

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Why does Clarisse find it odd that people find her antisocial?

Why does Clarisse find it odd that people find her to be antisocial? Because their idea of social isn't social at all, and she is the real social one. Name one thing that Clarisse talks about that is different today than in the past. Violence has increased; kids kill each other for fun.

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Why is Mildred so upset by the books?

Mildred also worries about Captain Beatty, because she says he will come and burn the house down if he finds out they have the books. The books do not talk and laugh like the television, so they aren't real to her. She has no imagination and no intellect, so she can't appreciate or understand them.