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Why does violin sound scratchy?

Last Updated: 19th June, 2020

The lack of balance between the bow speed andbowpressure largely contributes to the scratchiness. Pressing thebowwith the arm aggressively into the string will doubtlessly makethesound scratchy.

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Thereof, how can I improve my violin sound?

While your teacher or instructor can help you best, afewthings to keep in mind to improve violin tone through bowgripinclude:

  1. Keep you bowing arm and hand relaxed.
  2. Don't grip too tightly, and apply even pressure.
  3. Keep you pinky finger on top of the bow.

does violin bow affect sound? Scientifically, how does bow woodaffectsound/tone of your violin? That is, thebow, withthe help of rosin which provides grip/friction forthe hairs asthey are drawn across the strings, cause the strings tovibrate andcreate a sound.

Likewise, people ask, how does Rosin affect the sound of a violin?

Because the force of the player controlling the bowisgreater than the stickiness of the rosin the hold oftherosin is overcome and the string pings back, vibratingandproducing a sound. This happens multiple times in onebowmovement.

How do you practice efficiently?

10 tips to help you practise more effectively

  1. Create atmosphere. Get the right set-up for you.
  2. Warm up. Like a physical workout, a warm-up is essential.
  3. Have a goal.
  4. Be realistic.
  5. Identify and overcome the problems.
  6. Being a musician is so much more than just playingthenotes.
  7. Write on your music.
  8. Record yourself.

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How much is a violin bow?

You should expect to spend between $50 to $300 foracarbon fiber violin bow. Wooden: Wooden violinbowsare typically made from Pernambuco wood from Brazil.Depending onwhat part of the tree was used to make the bow,woodenviolin bow prices can range from around $50 to wellinto the$1000s.

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How do you do vibrato on violin?

  1. Place left wrist at the rib of the violin. Place first fingerontop of the violin.
  2. Put hand in 1st position. Place an orange between your wristandviolin.
  3. Vibrato is always below pitch. The highest point of thevibratomotion is the correct pitch.
  4. Use an arm motion for wrist vibrato in high positions.

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What sound does a violin make?

The vibration of the strings produces aspectacularsound
A bowed string vibrates and moves in a circularmotionthat produces the fundamental tone, while the vibrationproducesovertones like a rippling wave. This complex movement ofthe stringis transmitted to the body by thebridge.

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What Clef is violin?

The Treble clef or G clef is usedforviolin music. It also is used by the viola and cellowhenthe notes are in a higher range than the tenor andbassclefs. The Alto clef is the most frequentlyusedclef in viola music.

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How does a violin make sound physics?

The sound of a violin is the resultofinteractions between its many parts. Drawing a bow acrossthestrings causes the strings to vibrate. This vibrationistransmitted through the bridge and sound post to the bodyofthe violin, which allows the sound toeffectivelyradiate into the surrounding air.

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How old is the violin?

400 years old

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What are the best violin strings?

Best Violin Strings
  • Best Violin Strings. Thomastik-Infeld – Dominant.
  • Pirastro – Evah Pirazzi Gold/Regular. RecommendedFor:Intermediate/Expert.
  • Jargar. Recommended For: Beginner/Intermediate.
  • Thomastik-Infeld – Vision. RecommendedFor:Intermediate.
  • Prelude. Recommended For: Beginner.
  • Pirastro Gold.
  • Helicore.
  • Fiddlerman.

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Why is my violin not making noise?

New violin bows often do not produceanysound because they need rosin. Rosin is extremely importantbecauseit provides the bow hair with friction in order to produce asoundwhen the bow is pulled across theviolinstrings.

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What happens if you put too much rosin on a bow?

If there is too much rosin on the hair,thebow will feel sticky on the string, resist moving acrossthestring smoothly, and will result in an unevensound.

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Should you clean violin strings?

Rosin dust should always be wiped offthestrings and fingerboard as well.For this purpose, it isbestto use a soft cloth. A well-equipped violincaseshould always contain two cloths: one forwipingrosin away from affected areas and one forcleaningthe rest of the violin.

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How do I know if my bow has enough rosin?

But if the bow is very scratchy, thenitmay have gotten too much rosin. Optically: you canscrapeacross the bow hair with the thumb nail. Ifthere issome rosin sticking to the thumb nail, then therecurrentlyis enough rosin on the hair. Rosin ages andbecomessticky with time.

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How tight should a violin bow be?

A good rule of thumb that I use is a pencil width. Ifyoutighten your bow a bit and can just fit a pencil inbetweenthe bow hair and the stick in the middle of thebow,that is enough tension. You can also use your pinky,but in thiscase, only the tip of your pinky will fit.

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When should I Rehair my violin bow?

It can depend on how much you play, the quality ofthehair and also your environment's humidity. In general,luthierstend to recommend getting a bow rehair about everysixmonths. But what people do in practice can be quitedifferent.Those who play a lot might get it re-haired everythreemonths.

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Why do violin E strings whistle?

You will have a grinding sound, because there is(toomuch) rosin on your bow and on your strings. Theresponse ofyour E string will improve and it willwhistle,squeak or scratch less or not anymore. In rarecases, the cause canbe in the set up of yourviolin.

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Why does my cello sound scratchy?

If only part of the bow is on the strings, it canstartto sound tinny and scratchy quite simply due totherebeing less contact. Bow speed - If you aren't moving the bowfastenough, it will cause it to stick and “stutter”whichwill cause squeaking.

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How do you clean a violin?

To clean a violin, start by wiping the rosinoffof each string using a clean cloth. If there'srosinbuild-up that you can't get off, apply a few drops of alcoholtothe cloth before you wipe down the strings. Next, take thesamecloth and gently wipe off the bow, wiping in the direction thatthehairs go in.

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Are horses killed for violin bows?

So no horses are killed or harmed inorderto get horse hair for violin bows. Violinbowsare also made with synthetic hair but the best bowsare madefrom horse hairs.

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Does Walmart sell rosin?

Rosin -

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How often should you rosin your bow?

Rosin is quite tacky, and will build upquickly.If the rosin isn't sticking to the bow hairsanymore,perhaps it's time to re-hair the bow. Depending onhowoften you play, the amount of pressure you put onthebow, and the humidity, you should bere-hairinganywhere between once every 2 years to once every3months.