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Why is it called The Poisonwood Bible?

Last Updated: 2nd April, 2020

Why do you think the book is called The Poisonwood Bible? If spoken slowly, the word means "dearly beloved." If spoken quickly, it refers to the Poisonwood tree, a local plant that can cause painfully swelling if it is touched, and death if its wood is burned and the smoke inhaled.

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In respect to this, what does the title of The Poisonwood Bible mean?

The novel got its title from Nathan Price's error in his sermon: "Tata Jesus is bangala," a word that could mean precious, but pronounced the way he said it meant "poisonwood." That is a perfect title; it is exactly what this book is about -- the way certain things get lost in the translation between cultures.

Beside above, what does the Poisonwood tree symbolize? The Poisonwood Tree Symbolic of the effect Nathan's drive has on his family, himself, and the people of Kilanga. The word for poisonwood also means precious if said with a different tone. Nathan refers to Jesus as "balanga" but uses the wrong accent.

Just so, what is the purpose of the Poisonwood Bible?

The Poisonwood Bible is a political allegory. Though the story it tells focuses on the guilt of five women, for example their private guilt over the death of a daughter and sister, and their public guilt over the role they played in Africa's tragedies, it is really about the guilt that all United States citizens share.

Where did the Price family come from Poisonwood Bible?

The Poisonwood Bible (1998), by Barbara Kingsolver, is a best-selling novel about a missionary family, the Prices, who in 1959 move from the U.S. state of Georgia to the village of Kilanga in the Belgian Congo, close to the Kwilu River.

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What does Methuselah symbolize?

Methuselah, the Parrot
The parrot left by Brother Fowles serves as a symbol for the doomed Republic of Congo. Methuselah is denied freedom for most of his life, and while he is kept in a cage and fed by his masters, he loses the ability to fend for himself.

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What happens in the Poisonwood Bible?

In 1959 an overzealous Baptist minister named Nathan Price drags his wife and four daughters deep into the heart of the Congo on a mission to save the unenlightened souls of Africa. The five women narrate the novel. From the outset, the attitudes of the five women cover a wide spectrum.

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Is kilanga a real place?

Located in the Republic of Congo, Kilanga is a relatively small town located in the Pool district. Kilanga has a humid climate and is classified as a tropical savanna.

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What is the setting of the Poisonwood Bible?

setting · While the primary story is set in the Belgian Congo, which becomes Zaire during the course of the tale, certain segments are set in Atlanta and Sanderling Island, Georgia, and certain others in the Johannesburg, South Africa and the French Congo.

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How many pages is the Poisonwood Bible?


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What genre is Poisonwood Bible?

Historical Fiction

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Who wrote The Poisonwood Bible?

Barbara Kingsolver

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How does Nathan die in Poisonwood Bible?

When a boat full of children from the village he was in was attacked by a crocodile, the village blamed Nathan. They tried to chase him out of the village, but he resisted and ended up being surrounded in a watchtower. The villagers set fire to the tower and he burned to death.

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Is The Poisonwood Bible nonfiction?

A Non-Fiction Book Inspired It.
If you're curious about the political upheaval that affects the book's central characters, turn to the text that inspired Kingsolver in the first place.

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Who is the main character in The Poisonwood Bible?

Leah Price
Adah Price
Nathan Price
Orleanna Price
Rachel Price

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How does Adah change in the Poisonwood Bible?

The Poisonwood Bible: hadA ecirP. When Adah leaves the Congo, her life changes drastically. She cured her limp on her own and started living a normal life without having to depend on others. It is only after the death of Ruth May that her mother finally makes Adah feel fully included in the family.

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How long is the Poisonwood Bible audiobook?

Duration: 15 hours 33 minutes.

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What does the Okapi symbolize in Poisonwood Bible?

The first—and last—important symbol in the novel is the okapi; the strange animal that Orleanna witnesses during her walk through the jungles of the Congo. Ultimately, then, the okapi is a symbol for the importance of all life, and of the unpredictability of the world.

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What is a Poisonwood tree?

Metopium toxiferum, the poisonwood, Florida poisontree, or hog gum, is a species of flowering tree in the cashew or sumac family, Anacardiaceae, that is native to the American neotropics. It produces the irritant urushiol much like its close relatives poison sumac and poison oak.

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What does Ruth may symbolize?

In the end Ruth May stands for the Congo and the forest. She says it is where she feels the safest and strongest. b. She decides that as a green mamba snake in the tree is the safest place for her, and she also likes to see the whole world from such a high point.

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How old is Anatole in The Poisonwood Bible?

Anatole is the orphan-turned-schoolteacher of Kilanga village who translates Nathan Price's sermons and later marries his daughter, Leah. He has an assortment of unexplained fine scars criss-crossing his face, a "map," as Orleanna says, of "all the sorrows" in his life (2.2. 52).

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What is the benefit of Adah's silence?

"Silence has many advantages. When you do not speak, other people presume you to be deaf or feeble-minded and promptly make a show of their own limitations" (Kingsolver 34). This quote gives more insight into Adah's morality and how wise she is beyond her years. It also foreshadows Ruth May's death.