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Why is my phone shutting off by itself?

Last Updated: 1st May, 2020

? When battery temperature is 60℃ or higher, itcancause power off. Please close all running apps andprograms(auto sync) and wait until the phone cools down. ?Power mayturn off due to poor contact between the batteryand thephone terminal, caused by foreign materials onphoneterminal or battery movement.

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Regarding this, why is my phone turning off by itself?

The most common cause of phone turningoffautomatically is that the battery doesn't fit properly. Makesurethe battery side hit on your palm to put pressure on thebattery.If the phone turns off, then it's time to fixtheloose battery. The solution is rather simple.

Also, how do you stop your phone from turning off by itself iPhone? Stop iPhone Screen From Turning Off Automatically

  1. From the home screen of your device, tap on Settings.
  2. Next tap on General.
  3. Tap on Auto-Lock (See image below).
  4. Select Never to prevent your iPhone screen from turningoffautomatically (See image below).

Similarly one may ask, why is my iPhone turning off by itself?

Whether it's really shutting down onitsown, or it's rapidly depleting the battery due torogueprocesses or Wi-Fi or cellular radio activity, a hard resetcanhelp. On an iPhone 7 or newer device, press and holddownthe Sleep/Wake button and the Volume Down button at thesametime.

Why does my Galaxy s9 keep shutting off?

Most of the time, having your smartphonefreezeand shutting off randomly is caused by a faulty app.SafeMode is where you can remove the faultyapp totest if it's the reason why your Samsung GalaxyS9and S9+ is freezing and shuttingoffrandomly.

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How do I stop my phone from turning off automatically?

If you've decided to turn off Auto-Lock on your iOSdevice,you can do so by following these steps:
  1. 1) Launch the Settings app from the Home screen.
  2. 2) Open the Display & Brightness preferences pane.
  3. 3) Tap on the Auto-Lock cell.
  4. 4) Choose Never from the list of options.

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How do I keep my phone from turning on in my pocket?

How to prevent your Samsung smartphone's screen fromturningon in your pocket
  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Display.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and switch on the option entitledKeepScreen Turned Off.

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How do I adjust screen timeout?

  1. Go to your phone menu and tap on "Settings".
  2. Find and tap on "Display".
  3. Scroll down and tap on "Screen Timeout".
  4. Choose the time limit you want. 15 seconds. 30 seconds.
  5. Learn that more battery power will be used on longer timeoutsorif you select "never turn off". If the phone is beingcharged,timeouts aren't an issue.

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Why does my phone screen keep going black?

A black screen is usually caused by ahardwareproblem with your iPhone, so there usually isn't a quickfix. Thatbeing said, a software crash can cause your iPhone displaytofreeze and turn black, so let's try a hard reset to seeifthat's what's going on. If the Apple logo doesn't appearonthe screen, keep reading.

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When I dial a number screen goes black?

This happens when the phone's proximity sensor detectsanobstruction. It's supposed to black out the screenona call while the phone is against your ear so that youdon'taccidentally press any buttons, but there may be other issueswhichcause this behavior. Do you have a case or screenprotectoron your phone?

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What is ambient display?

Android's Ambient Display is a way for you toseeyour notifications without actually having to turn yourphone'sdisplay on. It is a simple black and white screenused forquick at-a-glance access to what's happening.

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How do you keep your screen awake?

How to Keep a Closed Windows Laptop Awake
  1. In the System Tray (bottom-right corner of the screen), findtheBattery icon.
  2. On the left of the Power Options menu, select Choosewhatclosing the lid does.
  3. You'll see options for the power and sleep buttons.
  4. Click Save Changes and you're good to go.

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Why does my phone keep turning off for no reason?

Sometimes an app can cause softwareinstability,which will make the phone power itselfoff. This islikely the cause if the phone isturningitself off only when using certain apps orperformingspecific tasks. Uninstall any task manager orbattery saverapps.