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Why is the Jack Wills logo a pheasant?

Last Updated: 21st April, 2020

Its logo is a pheasant. A pheasantwearing a top hat and holding a cane. When the creators of JackWills sat around a table to craft their brand, a game bird informal wear was the image they wanted to project, to embody whothey truly are.

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Then, what is the logo for Jack Wills?

Jack Wills is known by its distinctive pheasantwith a top hat and cane logo while the Linea brand, stockedby House of Fraser, has an icon of a pigeon in a hat, but without acane.

Subsequently, question is, what age group is Jack Wills for? Jack Wills is marketed towards Students, Aubinand Wills is marketed towards 25 to 35 yearolds.

Likewise, what is the Jack Wills slogan?

Its slogan was "Modern British design inspired bythe past living in the present" In November 2012 Jack Willsannounced the decision to terminate the Aubin and Willsbrand to concentrate on the global growth of the principal brand,with all trading ceasing by January 2013.

Who are Jack Wills competitors?

Jack Wills's competitors Jack Wills's top competitors includeAllSaints, Farfetch, Reiss, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Laurenand Ted Baker. Jack Wills operates as a textile apparelmanufacturer and designer of menswear and womenswear. AllSaints isa fashion house creating clothing and accessories for men andwomen.

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Does Jack Wills run small?

Yes, Jack Wills does offer true to size.You can also visit their homepage to see if Jack Wills hasposted additional information on their true-to-size fitclothing.

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Are Jack Wills cruelty free?

Jack Wills is strongly committed to ensuring thatall of our materials are sourced responsibly and this commitmentincludes raw materials sourced from animals. We have a detailedAnimal Welfare Policy which covers hair and fibre, fur, feather anddown, leather skin products, shell and animal testing.

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Is Jack Wills a British company?

Jack Wills was founded in 1999 by Peter Williamsand Robert Shaw, the former naming the company after hisgrandfather, Jack Williams. The Aubin & WIllsfollowed in 2008. Although expanding internationally, CEO PeterWilliams has stated that the brand will remain“British, British, British.

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Does Jack Wills do student discount?

Enjoy 10% Student Discount when you shop withJack Wills online at

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Is Jack Wills clothing made in the UK?

Jack Wills Fabulously British Chinese– In fairness Jack Wills do sell a few things that aremade in Britain, but not very many. They do forexample sell a limited range of British made shoesmade for them by NPS. Most of their products appear to bemade in China though.

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Who created Jack Wills?

Peter Williams
Robert Shaw

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Who bought Jack Wills?

Mike Ashley wins race to buy Jack Wills. MikeAshley has emerged as the winner in an auction to buy the UKfashion retailer Jack Wills for £12.7m. Mr Ashley'scompany Sports Direct has bought Jack Wills out ofadministration after competing against Edinburgh Woollen MillGroup.

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Can you use Jack Wills vouchers online?

To find your nearest store, please visit our website.Gift Cards and Vouchers are not redeemable in any JackWills concessions, Jack Wills Outlet stores or The pin number on the card/voucherwill be required when using them in store, onlineor via Customer Services.

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How many stores do Jack Wills have?


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Where was Jack Wills founded?

Salcombe, United Kingdom

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What went wrong jack wills?

'Preppy' high-street retailer Jack Wills is infinancial difficulties following a period of losses. Back in theearly noughties, Jack Wills was the brand of choice forwell-healed British teens in the UK: a British Abercrombie &Fitch (A&F).