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Why is the wide line blue?

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These blue lines are used by umpires to gaugethelength of a wide ball. Any ball that passes the strikerdownthe leg side outside that line can be called awide.Batsmen are to run outside this danger area duringrunning betweenwickets, while bowlers should avoid this regionafter throwing aball.

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People also ask, is on the line wide in cricket?

The line is an indicator for the umpire, nottheactual wide line. If the batsman stays in the usualpositionand the ball goes over the line, the umpire may letit standas a legal delivery. But if the batsman moves towards theoffside,the wide line moves along with thebatsman'smovement.

Secondly, how many no balls are allowed in an over? How many no-balls are allowed in an overifthe bowler bowls more than 2 no-balls? On 3rdFebruary1993, Curtly Ambrose bowled an over which had 9noballs.

Beside above, what happens when you bowl a wide?

Runs. When a wide is bowled, one extra runisadded to the team's total, but not added to a batter's total.Ifthe wicket-keeper misses the ball and it travels all the way totheboundary, the batting team is awarded five wides, just as iftheball had been hit to the boundary for a four offano-ball.

What is a leg bye in cricket?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the sportofcricket, a leg bye is a run scored by thebattingteam if the batsman has not hit the ball with their bat, buttheball has hit the batsman's body or protective gear. It iscoveredby Law 23 of the Laws of Cricket.

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Can you be out on a no ball?

A batsman may not be given out bowled, legbeforewicket, caught, stumped or hit wicket offano-ball. A batsman may be given outrunout, hit the ball twice, or obstructingthefield.

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What is a dead ball in cricket?

In cricket, a dead ball is aparticularstate of play in which the players may not perform any oftheactive aspects of the game, meaning batsmen may not score runsandfielders may not attempt to get batsmen out. Either batsman isout.The ball lodges in the clothing or equipment of abatsman orumpire.

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What is the gap between two stumps?

Two sets of wickets are pitchedoppositeand parallel to each other at a distance of 22 yards/20.12mbetween the centres of the two middlestumps.Each set is 9 in/22.86 cm wide and shall consist ofthree woodenstumps with two wooden bails on top. Sothe gapbetween each stumps are notmeasured.

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Can a bowler bowl behind the stumps?

As you can see in the above image, Pollardisbowling from behind the stumps and hebowlssuch balls frequently as a part of his bowlingvariation.So, it is legitimate to bowl from behind thestumps.The ball may be illegal, if the bowler bowlsfrombehind the umpire as the umpire might not be able towatchhim bowl.

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How tall are stumps?

The stumps and bails are usually made ofwood,most commonly ash, and together form a wicket at each end ofthepitch. The overall width of each wicket is 9 inches (22.9 cm).Eachstump is 28 inches (71.1 cm) tall with maximumandminimum diameters of 1?12 inches(3.81cm) and 1?38 inches(3.49cm).

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What is distance between bowler and batsman?

Bowling/Pitching distance
In cricket, the pitch is a prepared rectangularareabetween two wickets. Its length is thedistancebetween the wickets, 22 yards (20.1m).

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What is a cricket bat called?

The bat is traditionally made from willowwood,specifically from a variety of white willow calledcricketbat willow (Salix alba var. caerulea), treated withraw(unboiled) linseed oil, which has a protectivefunction.Bats incorporate a wooden spring design where thehandlemeets the blade.

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Why is it called a yorker?

He was very skilled at bowling full balls at thepoppingcrease, and they became known as 'yorkers'becausethat is what batsmen had to cope with when they went toYorkshire.Googly: The English term for a wrong-un. So calledbecause(evidently) it caused the batsman's eyes togoggle.

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Why is it called silly mid off?

Silly (Silly leg, SillyPoint,Silly mid-off, Silly mid-on): Theyarecalled so because of the proximity to the batsman hencetheperceived danger of doing so. Point: The origin of this termstemsfrom early cricket when the position was called 'pointofthe bat'.

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What does Jaffa mean in cricket?

In cricket terminology a Jaffa is.anexceptionally well bowled, practically unplayable delivery,usuallybut not always from a fast bowler. Taken from the idea thata'Jaffa' is the best type of Orange. (That'sfromWikipedia)

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Why is third man called so?

2 Answers. It's by no means definitive, but thislinkstates that it's because, when overarm bowlingwasintroduced, another fielder (to complement slip and point)wasneeded - this was the third fielder, hencethirdman.

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What is a popping crease in cricket?

…behind the wicket; and the poppingcreaseis a line parallel with the bowling crease and 4feet infront of it. The bowling and return creases mark theareawithin which the bowler's rear foot must be grounded indeliveringthe ball; the popping crease, which is62feet…

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What is a cricket Yorker?

In cricket, a yorker is a ball bowled(adelivery) which hits the cricket pitch around thebatsman'sfeet. When a batsman assumes a normal stance, thisgenerally meansthat the cricket ball bounces on thecricket pitch onor near the batsman's poppingcrease.

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What is a wide ball in cricket?

The umpire spreads his arms to signal a wide.Awide ball does not count as one of the bowler'ssixlegitimate balls in one over. It is the umpire's jobtodecide when a wide ball has been bowled. A wideballwill be called when the batsman, playing a normal stroke,is unableto reach the ball.