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Will a Bemis toilet seat fit a Kohler toilet?

Last Updated: 29th February, 2020

Bemis toilet seats fit Kohler®, American Standard®, Crane® and all other leading toilet manufacturers' bowls.

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Correspondingly, do Kohler toilet seats fit American Standard?

Naturally, you will want to pick a toilet seat that is easy to install. The easiest ones to install come with two bolts, plastic or metal that fit into the top of the bowl just behind the seat. Both these seats fit Kohler, Toto, and American Standard toilets.

Subsequently, question is, how do I know what model my Kohler toilet is? Remove the lid of your toilet tank and check the inside of the tank for the Kohler model number. The model number always consists of four numbers beginning with a "3" or "4" and may or may not have a letter "K" preceding it.

Keeping this in consideration, are all Kohler toilet seats the same size?

There are industry standards for toilet seatsall toilets have seat post holes on 5 1/2" centers – all elongated bowls are 18 1/2" from seat posts to front of rim, and all round bowls are 16 1/2". Any manufacturer's seats will fit any toilet manufacturers bowls if they are standard round or standard elongated.

Are all toilet seats the same size?

Toilet seats don't come in sizes, but they do come in two different shapes: round toilet seats and elongated toilet seats, each of which correspond to two different toilet bowl shapes. Round toilet seats are still the standard in most homes, and they're the toilet seats you typically see most often.

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Can I put a round toilet seat on an elongated toilet?

An elongated bidet seat will still mount on a round toilet, as well as function just fine, but the aesthetics and comfort of the seat will be greatly diminished.

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How do I keep my toilet seat from moving?

A sliding toilet seat is one such problem. You should be able to stop it from sliding by tightening the nuts holding it to the bowl, but they loosen again after a short time and the problem reoccurs. The reason is that the holes for the bolts are purposely oversized so that the bolts won't crack the porcelain.

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How often should you change your toilet seat?

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10/04/2015 21:36 Subject: How often do you change/replace your toilet seats?
Anonymous When we move to a new place, and when they start to look a little grungy. So maybe every few years. It's not great for the environment/landfills to dispose of them often.

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How do you know if you have a round or elongated toilet?

Measure the distance from the center of the mounting holes, to the front outside edge of the toilet bowl. If the measurement here is 17 inches or less, you have a round toilet. If it's 17.5 inches or more, you have an elongated toilet.

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Are wood toilet seats better than plastic?

When it comes to installation and usability, wood and plastic seats are virtually identical, but plastic seats last longer. Because wood is a natural material, it eventually degrades in a high-moisture bathroom; solid wood seats discolor and the paint chips off of those made of medium-density fiberboard.

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Which toilet bowl shape is the most comfortable?

Comfort: Most adults feel an elongated-style toilet bowl is more comfortable to sit on than a compact-size toilet bowl because the longer seat supports more of the thigh and because there is a larger opening, making it easier to reach down inside the bowl to wipe yourself after using the toilet.

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How do slow close toilet seats work?

A slow close toilet seat is basically one that closes on its own as soon as you start to push it down. Gravity controls it but special, tensioned hinges control the gravity. This is where the slow part comes in so there's no slamming down. To get the seat on its way to closing, even just a light tap will do the trick.

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How far should a toilet be from a wall?

Most codes require at least 15 inches (measured from the center of the toilet) from any side wall or obstruction and not closer than 30 inches center to center to any other sanitary fixture. (The NKBA actually recommends 32 inches.) There should be at least 24 inches of clear space in front of a toilet or bidet.

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How do you know what color your toilet seat is?

Toilet colors listed by name and manufacturer
  1. Find the section for your toilet manufacturer.
  2. Browse the list until you find the color of your toilet.
  3. Click on the color - an image similar to the one on the left will come up.
  4. Note the toilet SEAT manufacturer's color code.

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How do I choose a replacement toilet seat?

These days, toilet seats come in standard sizes, but measuring your seat before buying a replacement is still wise. Start by measuring the seat from back to front. Buy a standard round seat if the length is around 16 in (41 cm). If it's around 18 in (46 cm) long, go with an elongated seat.

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Why are toilets elongated?

For elongated toilets, the consensus seems to be that they are much more comfortable for adults. The shape of the bowl is much better for men as well, giving them extra space where they need it most. They are a better option for small bathrooms because they don't take up as much space (from wall to front of toilet).

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What is Kohler Comfort Height?

Toilet height is measured from the floor to the top of the seat. Heights vary enough to be noticeable. Most often, they fall somewhere between 15” and 19”, with standard toilets coming in under 17”. However, chair height toilets, what Kohler refers to as Comfort Height® toilets, measure 17” or more.

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Are all toilet seats the same size UK?

No, not all toilet seats fit the same because toilets come in a variety of different shapes, so you'll need to check yours before buying. There are three types of toilet shapes commonly found in UK homes. Most toilet seats are an oval shape, although some may be more of a contemporary square or D-shape.

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How do you measure toilet rough in?

To find out your toilet's rough-in, measure from the wall behind the toilet to the middle of the closet bolts, which hold your toilet to the floor. That distance will likely be a bit more than the standard 10″, 12″, or 14″ rough-in dimensions. Round your measurement down to the nearest standard rough-in.

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How do I know what model toilet I have?

Where can I find the model number of my toilet? Carefully remove your tank lid, and place it gently on the floor. You'll notice a four-digit number located on the back of the tank, near the water level mark. This is your tank model number.

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What year is my Kohler engine?

Thank you for contacting Kohler engines. The year and day in which your engine was built was the 103rd day of 1995. The first five numbers of your serial number indicate this. With our newest 10 digit serial number format, you just have to add 70 to the first two numbers to find out the year of manufacture.

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Where is Kohler toilet color code?

The model number is located inside the tank, either molded into the china or stamped with blue or black ink. The model number consists of four digits and may include a K prefix. In some cases, the model number is preceded by 97.

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How can I tell what model my Gerber toilet is?

The model number for Gerber toilet bowls is located under the rim of the bowl. The location and cast date are located inside the pedestal. The manufacturing location is also located on the box. The model number for Gerber toilet tanks is located inside the tank, near the water line.

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What color is biscuit Kohler?

A classic, creamy shade with just a hint of yellow. This very soft color is at home with contemporary as well as traditional and country settings. It accents glowing earth tones and complements nearly every color in the Kohler palette.