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Will AAF games be televised?

Last Updated: 13th April, 2020

Alliance of American Football 2019 schedule
CBS will carry opening weekend of the AAF for national audiences. One game per week in the following nine weeks of the regular season will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network. Games can also be live streamed on fuboTV (7-day free trial).

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Then, what channel is Alliance football on?

The Alliance features eight teams with 52-player rosters. The inaugural 10-week regular season begins Feb. 9 on CBS.

Also Know, will the Birmingham iron be on TV? The Birmingham Iron plays in primetime tonight in Week 6 of the Alliance of American Football's debut season. The Iron will try to snap a two-game losing skid when they visit the San Diego Fleet tonight, with the game set to begin at 7 p.m. The game will be televised by NFL Network.

Also question is, what channel will AAF games be on?

The opening season of AAF games will be regionally broadcast by CBS and Turner networks, NFL Network, and can stream via fuboTV.

How much will AAF players make?

AAF co-founder Bill Polian revealed to Rovell, then of ESPN, in July 2018 that players will receive three-year, non-guaranteed contracts worth $250,000. The pacts include health insurance and an education stipend for any player who registers one year of service time.

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How can I watch the AAF games?

Fans can also watch AAF games online through CBS All Access, CBSSN and NFL Network. TNT will televise the Salt Lake Stallions vs. Birmingham Iron game at 2 p.m. ET on Saturday, Feb. 16, leading up to NBA All-Star Game coverage.

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Where can I watch Alliance League?

CBS Sports Network is available nationally on satellite providers DirecTV and Dish Network, and regionally on fiber optic television provider Verizon FiOS, and cable providers such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, RCN Corporation, and smaller local cable providers.

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What channel is Birmingham iron on today?

The Birmingham Iron (3-0) returns home today for a game against the San Antonio Commanders in Week 4 of the Alliance of American Football's debut season. The game, set to start at 3 p.m. at Birmingham's Legion Field, will be broadcast by CBS Sports Network. This the Iron's third game on CBS-SN this season.

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How can I watch American football?

How to Watch an American Football Game on TV
  1. Start at the line of scrimmage.
  2. Keep an eye on the game's progress.
  3. Check the quarterback.
  4. Look for movement among the linebackers and defensive backs.
  5. Look at the defensive fronts, paying particular attention to the defensive tackles.
  6. Count the number of defensive backs.

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Can you watch CBS Sports Network on CBS All Access?

TV Everywhere App
Some live TV streaming services include access to CBS Sports App, which has live and on demand CBS Sports Network shows.

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What is the new football league?

XFL (2020) The XFL is a professional American football league owned by Vince McMahon's Alpha Entertainment, and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. It is the successor to the original XFL, which was controlled by McMahon's World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) and NBC, and ran for a single season in 2001.

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What's the name of the new football league?

This is the XFL (again). Everything from the teams and rosters to the schedule is set for Vince McMahon and Alpha Entertainment LLC' 2020 reboot of the professional football league.

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How many games are in the AAF?

The AAF regular season is 10 weeks long and spans 40 games, 10 for each team.

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What channel is AAF on DirecTV?

CBS Sports Network
DirecTV Channel 221 (HD)
Dish Network Channel 158 (HD)
Verizon FiOS Channel 94 (SD) Channel 594 (HD)

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What channel is the San Antonio commanders game on?

Every San Antonio Commanders game can be heard on ESPN San Antonio (1250 AM and 94.5 FM).

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What teams are in the Alliance of American football?

Here's a look at how the Alliance of American Football league's eight teams stand after the historic opening weekend of play.
  • Arizona Hotshots.
  • Orlando Apollos.
  • Birmingham Iron.
  • San Antonio Commanders.
  • Salt Lake Stallions.
  • San Diego Fleet.
  • Atlanta Legends.
  • Memphis Express.

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Who won the Birmingham iron football game today?

The Birmingham Iron earned a second straight victory, as former Alabama running back Trent Richardson scored the go-ahead touchdown in a 12-9 victory over the Salt Lake City Stallions (0-2) today at Birmingham's Legion Field.

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What is Birmingham iron record?

The Iron were coached by former National Football League player and coach Tim Lewis. Trey Brown was the executive vice president of football operations and Joe Pendry was the general manager.

2019 season.
2019 Birmingham Iron season
Head coach Tim Lewis
Home field Legion Field
Record 5–3

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What football teams are in Birmingham?

The leagues are listed in order of their level in the English football league system.
  • West Brom.
  • Aston Villa.
  • Birmingham City.
  • Walsall.
  • Coventry City.
  • Wolves.
  • Solihull Moors.
  • Sutton Coldfield.

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Where does the Birmingham iron play?

Birmingham, Alabama, United States

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Does the Birmingham iron play today?

The Birmingham Iron plays its fourth home game in five weeks today, and there will be plenty of ways to keep up with the game if you can't be at Legion Field. Today's game begins at 1 p.m., and will be televised nationally by TNT.

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What happened to the Birmingham iron?

Alliance of American Football suspends operations, ending Birmingham Iron's season. The eight-team Alliance of American Football -- including the Birmingham Iron -- has officially suspended football operations, ending the league's season after eight games of a planned 10-week season.