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What can you grow in the AeroGarden?

Last Updated: 30th March, 2020

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Herein, can you grow anything in an AeroGarden?

Plant and grow your own seeds in your AeroGarden! With the Grow Anything Kit, you can plant and grow all year-round, no matter the season. Your seeds will grow in water, light, and air with the optimal conditions of the AeroGarden.

Also Know, can you grow fruit in an AeroGarden? Unfortunately, not all plants are suitable for growing in the AeroGarden! Many small berries and fruits grow on large trees or shrubs that would not fit in an AeroGarden, and of course root crops, such as potatoes, onions and carrots, also will not fit in an AeroGarden.

Also to know is, what grows best in AeroGarden?

Lavender, petunia, and snapdragons are all available in seed pod kits. If you want to grow another species of flower grab a Grow Anything kit and plant away. The only flowers that won't work in the Aerogarden are those that grow especially tall like sunflowers, or those that grow in large bushes, like roses.

Can you use any seeds in an AeroGarden?

Just about anything that grows above the ground can be planted in an AeroGarden. Some seeds will be more successful than others, but experimenting is part of the fun! Our Gourmet Herbs and Salad Greens Seed Pod Kits are very easy to grow, and a great choice for first-time growers.

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Can I make my own AeroGarden pods?

Homemade or Third-Party Replacements
The stock AeroGarden seed pod grow sponges can be substituted with any of various air conditioning weatherstripping seals such as Frost King Air Conditioner Weatherseal (cost about $3) or a similar low-density, open-celled foam. Simply cut pieces to size.

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How long does AeroGarden last?

The bottle of nutrients that comes with the aerogarden will last 6 months, then you will need to purchase more. The herb kit should keep producing for 6 months as well.

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Can you grow strawberries in an AeroGarden?

Strawberries are easiest to grow in the AeroGarden Ultra and Bounty models, using the Grow Bowl accessory. Strawberries prefer a dry environment, and the Grow Bowl and Coco Fiber Grow Media will provide the best growing conditions.

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Does AeroGarden save money?

The AeroGarden Harvest is a fun herb garden that anyone can appreciate — it's easy to use and being able to say you grew the herbs that you're eating is cool. The unit isn't cheap, but the price can be justified because you're growing things that you would've bought otherwise so it saves you money in the long run.

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Can you grow lettuce in an AeroGarden?

lettuce grown in your indoor garden. With an AeroGarden, lettuce harvests can begin in just three weeks and continue for months. So enjoy your fresh lettuce in salads, on sandwhiches, or as a snack right off the plant (it's just that tasty).

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How do you replant AeroGarden pods?

Fill the pot about 3/4 full of potting soil, and dig a deep hole right in the middle. Carefully and slowly pull out a pod from the Aerogarden unit, starting with the smallest plant. The roots at this point will be very long and possibly intertwined with others.

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How long does it take to grow tomatoes in AeroGarden?

How long will my plants live? Vegetable Kits, such as Cherry Tomatoes and Green Beans will grow for 6 months, and you will be able to start harvesting in about 8 - 10 weeks.

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Can you plant tomatoes and lettuce together?

Plants recommended for companion planting with tomatoes include amaranth, asparagus, basil, bean, borage, calendula (pot marigold), carrots, celery, chive, cleome, cosmos, cucumber, garlic, lemon balm, lettuce, marigold, mint, nasturtium, onion, parsley, peas, sage, stinging nettle, sow thistle, and squash.

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Can you grow cucumbers in an AeroGarden?

Our Grow Anything Kits allow you to plant and grow your own choice of favorite seeds in the AeroGarden. Whether you like to grow snap peas, cucumbers, or wildflowers, you can do it with the Grow Anything Kit. Your seeds will grow in water, light, and air with the optimal conditions of the AeroGarden.

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Can you grow broccoli in an AeroGarden?

Delicious Vegetables
You can literally grow anything, though you may have to transfer it to a soil bed later. Eggplant, broccoli, whatever you and your family love! If you have your own seeds, use our Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit to grow them in your AeroGarden and you'll be all set.

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Can you grow tomatoes in an AeroGarden?

The AeroGarden uses a combination of air, water and nutrients to create the ideal growing environment for tomato production. Use the seed pods that come with the Aerogarden seed kit for best results. Determinate tomato types are lower-growing plants and ideal for this type of system.

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Are AeroGardens healthy?

Aerogarden Pods
The liquid nutrients in the water enable healthy roots and nutrient absorption into your plant. All seed pods are non-GMO and are soil free.

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Can AeroGarden plants be transplanted?

As the plants grow larger, they can be removed from the AeroGarden and transplanted into containers. Leaving the plastic growing basket intact around the roots increases success with transplanting and won't affect plant growth. Attempting to remove the basket may damage the root system and kill the plant.

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How do you prune an AeroGarden herb?

National Indoor Gardening Month - Pruning
  1. Prune early and often, especially fast growing basil.
  2. Keep your lights as low as possible as long as possible.
  3. Prune horizontal growth so that it does not block light to neighboring plants.
  4. Always prune at a leaf joint.
  5. Never prune more than a 1/3 of the plant at one time.

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Can cucumbers and tomatoes be planted next to each other?

Cucumbers are considered compatible with tomatoes. The two plants are companion plants, mutually beneficial to each other. Both tomatoes and cucumbers dislike growing near potatoes.

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How do you grow cilantro in a AeroGarden?

AeroGarden. To speed germination of cilantro, put a quarter on top of the seed sponge (don't use the bio-dome) and after two days check for germination twice a day. As soon as you see the seeds beginning to sprout, remove the quarter to give them the light they'll need to grow and develop

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How does an AeroGarden work?

AeroGarden systems allow for plant roots to grow outward into air space, and then down into a highly oxygenated nutrient solution. Plants grown in an AeroGarden do not use soil, but instead get their nutrients from a combination of air and a nutrient rich water solution.

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How much water does the AeroGarden bounty hold?

The reservoir holds more than a gallon of water, which should last quite a while before you need to add any more water. Depending on the climate you live in, you may need to add more water sooner than others, but generally, the Bounty doesn't seem to need more water until after about two weeks.